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Jun 19, 2004
I have a question about powders. TO thins point I have been using IMR 4350 with excellent results, however due to conditions beyond my control and the advice of some other shooters I am looking to change up powders and would like some advice before I spend my money. I am shooting a remington sendero in 300 win mag. I currently use winchester cases, federal 215M primers, 200 grain BTSP sierra GK's, with 68.0 prains of IMR4350. Recently my barrel has been shortened and recrowned, the IMR doesn't seem to be working for me anymore. I am curious to know if anyone has any experience with IMR 4831, H4831 & 4831SC, or Reloder22. Keep in mind I live in Northern Alberta and shoot almost all year round, meaning temp. changes from 30 degrees above zero to 30 degrees below zero (celcius).
I shoot 71.0 grs. of Reloader 22 with a 200 gr. Accubond, Fed 215 primer, and Win Brass. Gives me great results (.5 moa or less @ 100yds.) from 75 deg. down to the teens.
Just a thought since I use IMR 4350 as well - maybe trying Hodgdon's 4350 would be enough of a change to get your rifle shooting good again and it supposed to be temp insensitive. I know Hodgdon has their new "Experimental Packs" with 4oz of 4 different powders (for about the price of 1lb of powder)that you could try - if you can find one. I have only seen them at gun shows around here.
I have had many 300 win mag's over the years
some like one powder better than another but
you can allway's find a load that work's good
with RL22
p.s. so winmagman is steering you in the
right direction

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I'm using 72.4gr Reloader22, behind a 200gr Accubond, Fed brass & 215 primers. Shooting out of my Browning A-Bolt and getting 1/2 moa. Velocity @ 8' from barrel = 2975fps at 75degrees at 3000' elevation
Jaeger476, I am with these guys on the Reloader 22. I am shooting a Remington 700 LSS with a Brake & started out using H4831sc & never could get a group under MOA with it. I switched to RL-22 & my best group has been a 3 shot .3" group @ 100 yards. Good Luck, Dean-o
R-22 works great for me with 165's and 180's.
With R-25 I could get even more FPS's with the 180's and good groups. I'm going to load some 200 and would like to try R-25 anyone tried it????

First off, I use both the IMR 4831 and the Hodgdon 4831SC in my .300 win mag. The IMR is a hotter, snappier, and quicker burner, by about 5%. The Hodgdon is smoother burning and takes three – five grains more powder to achieve the same velocity as the IMR. I am utilizing the IMR because I have so much of it, however I prefer the Hodgdon.

My loads for my .300 win mag utilizing Remington Cases is 66.8 grains of IMR 4831 and the Fed 215m primers and Berger VLD 210's. If I were to charge Winchester cases it would be 67.8 grains, because different manufactured cases in general create different pressures.

I have found Winchester brass to produce the slowest results (probably the least desired brass), where Remington cases produce faster results and Federal cases even faster. This is because of the thickness of the casing wall, the different parts of the cases that have different hardness (neck and head) and it's overall tempering/annealing.

Remington Brass is alright but Norma or Lapua is best.
24" Barrel Mike Rock
I have used RL-22 and H4831 -
RL-22-71.3 Grains/Win Brass/ 190 SMK - 2950 FPS@85F

H4831-73.0 Grains/Lapua Brass/ 190 Berger VLD -2880 FPS@75F

I like Berger Bullets so far, I have only shot them at one match, I'm still waiting to see if they are the best for my rifle.?
W I have been led to believe that winchester cases were among best out of remington, federal and winchester. I'm sure that Lapua and Norma brass are great but they are difficult to get where I am. I personally have been looking at the cases from a consistency point of view and have found that winchester seems to have the most consistent cases lot to lot. Maybe I just got lucky, I would be interested to know a little more about the pros and cons of the different cases.
My best results have been with R-22 as well. I shot my smallest group with a load of H-4831sc, but the velocity wasn't there so I use R-22 (still getting sub moa accuracy). I'd try either of those powders. What velocity were you getting IMR 4350?
The Winchester brass has lasted me quite awhile and produces consistant velocities. However, and this can get a bit involved... But it is softer and I have had cases fail to eject out of my Rem 700 LA. The head just wears out after awhile. Perhaps true with other brass too, but the Remington which is a mixed bag of worms when you get it (varying weight and volume) once sorted out shoots well. The Federal (non-nickle) appeared to be the most consistant other than Norma and or Lapua. I just throughout five-hundrd very used Winchester cases.
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