Powder shortage????

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If anyone is thinking that someone is going to come to help and stop this you are very wrong.
It's not a conspiracy it's cold hard truth and it's going to hit people who have not been paying attention very hard, some or many might even die due to not understanding what is really happening and the consequences.
I would much rather be called a conspiracy theorist and be prepared than putting my head in the sand and end up getting my family killed
So what's anyone know about this next major powder shortage. Something to do with US no longer buying silica from China????????
I stopped worrying about things I could not control. Some people complain about shortages and high prices but do not prepare for them. I started this thread on December 18, 2020, to prove a point: https://www.longrangehunting.com/th...the-local-gun-store-empty-handed-rule.255740/.

You'd be surprised what a little planning/preparation and incremental purchases can do to one's inventory. Below is what I have accumulated and added to my existing inventory.

From Dec 18, 2020, to Nov 29, 2023.

Powder (1 pounder):
- N550 = 2
- 4000 MR = 2
- IMR 8133 = 2
- STABALL 6.5 = 2
- H380 = 2
- WST = 2
- IMR 4350 = 4
- MAGPRO = 2
- LRT = 6
- W760= 1
- N170 = 1
- N568 = 2
- MAGNUM = 5
- H4350 = 2
- Winchester Staball HD = 4
- Retumbo = 3

- BERGER 6.5, 156 = 200
- .264 SB2 125 = 50
- .264 SB2 135 = 50
- .25 115 NBT = 100
- BERGER 338 250 EH = 100
- BERGER 7MM 140 = 100
- BERGER .25 133 = 100
- HORNADY 30 190 CX = 100
- HORNADY ELD-M 162 = 100
- Hornady ELD-M 134 = 200
- Berger 215 = 250
- Berger 175 EH = 200
- Berger 300 OTM = 100
- Matrix 165 VLD = 200

- CCI BR4 =1000
- FEDERAL 210 LR = 1600
- CCI 250 = 2400
- F210 = 400

- 6.5 CM Peterson SRP = 50
- .338 NM Lapua = 100

- Buffalo Bore .44 Mag (different weight and loads) = 500
- Hornady .45-70 325 FTX = 40
If you do not like what is happening in this country, quit voting democrat.
Kind of hard when you don't count the votes. Do you really think they would spend 5 trillion to ensure your vote counts ? If your vote mattered they would not let you do it.

How Canada-Based Dominion Voting Systems and U.S.-Based ES&S Cornered the U.S. Voting Machine Market/


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If you do not like what is happening in this country, quit voting democrat.
The ever increasing number of happy freeloaders love what is happening to this country.
So do the criminals.
So do the illegals.
And the swamp staffers.

The only ones who DONT like the recent "progress" are the ones that shoulder the load.
The ever increasing number of happy freeloaders love what is happening to this country.
So do the criminals.
So do the illegals.
And the swamp staffers.

The only ones who DONT like the recent "progress" are the ones that shoulder the load.
What's a swamp staffer? 100% serious question. I never heard that term before.
I can say that I have to charge more for free range eggs now, the price of my feed has doubled now 😡
If anyone thinks it's bad now you better get ready because it's about to get stupid expensive for everything.
This whole thing has been planned for years, both parties are involved and to blame, they get rich with our money and we pay the price.
When everyone or the majority figure that out maybe things will start turning around, until then everyone should get used to eating the turd sandwich
The sad part is both parties have done such a good job of convincing their rabid followers to hate the other party that no one will wake up to the fact that it's both sides pulling the same crap. Doesn't matter which side of the aisle the politician is on, they don't have the best interest of the general public in mind when they make decisions. Everyone on here thinks Daddy Trump is going to come back and save them from China Joe, and he'll promise to fix everything, then just continue doing the same thing as all the others have done.
It's sand, we have that. Don't fall for the bull$#!t the powder companies are trying to push to jack up prices
I still have a few of the empty cardboard 1 pound Hodgden powder cans with price stamps on them of not much more than a dollar a pound.
I also remember well back in the late 70s stopping at a store in Butte Mt. and asking for H 570.
The guy said i dont have any of that, but i will sell you a 20# keg of H870 for 20 bucks.
And yes, i bought it.
A late good friend and i bought a 100# keg of WC 872 for a dollar a pound in the late 80s.
About a year later he and another guy bought another 100#.
He used it in everything, from his 220 swift to his 30/378, and probably even in his coffee. lol
Powder shortage has to do with the war in Ukraine. Europe is cranking up the war machine because of the big coverup war in Ukraine. They are ordering mortar shells like they are going out of style. Powder companies are happy to make them as they use some of the components that we like to use for powder except they make more money making that style of powder. It take 5k 556 rounds worth of powder to make one tank shell. And that my friends on top of inflation is why we are all taking it in the salad shooter. Whatever powder is available now or arrives this summer will be it for the next two years. Period. People whom I know very well have been telling me this for the last six months. Ball powder may likely still be around but everything is getting another 35% hike by mid summer or fall. Believe it or not. That's what is happening and you can take that to the bank. So buy whatever you need to service your neeeds for the next two years because it's about to get bad. Primers have very little margin to be made when they are sold. 2 cents a piece is what I was told about this. And in any significant volume they require the company selling them to have special storage which limits their intake and ability to sell high volume. That is what I know. Take that info and do what you need to do accordingly.
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