Pictures of new rig

Thanx for sharing. I am building a .408 wildcat bench gun on the same action now. I hope I am as happy with the finished product as I am the action. They are great guys to work with.
Congrats SR. I too looked at those PGW demos and thought long and hard about it. It game down to one of those or the down payment on a house. Needless to say I closed last friday. Still want the gun, especially seeing your finished piece.

At least she drew the line after this one.
Matt, there's only one of the demo rifles left. They are getting ready to start a run of the Timberwolf actions real soon. I talked to Steve this afternoon about one for the 416PGW. So better make plans to get a home equity loan now

SR thats a nice setup, just wish it weight a little bit less with the scope. What rings did you use on the T-wolf? Also did you go with the mil-dot on both scopes?

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for those interested here is the info on the rifles

rifle 1 spec's:
Manuf: PrairiGunWorks
Model: Timberwolf
Caliber: 338 Lapua Mag
Metal finish is teflon desert
Mag capicity: 6 rounds + 1
Barrel Length: 26" without break
Sling: tactical intervention
Scope: USOptics SN3 3.8-22x58mm 40mm tub
Rifle weight: 16 1/2 lbs without scope
System weight: 20 lbs

This was one of the demo rifles that were used in the Canadian military sniper trials, It has a new barrel though and has been refinished. The only signs that it has been used are on the stock. The unofficial word is these rifles gave the competing sniper systems a royal spanking during the trials.

Rifle two specs:
Manufacturer: Robar
Model: Sr90 on a remington 700 short action
Caliber: 308 win.
Finish: polymax woodland
Sling: Tactical Intervention
Barrel length: 24" fluted
Scope: USoptics ST10 10x
rifle weight: 12 lbs without scope
system weight: 15.5 lbs

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Steve was that you I talked to the other day about the 416PGW? iI can't find an expander ball for it, any idea? My smith is very interested in doing it!
Thanks everyone! Glad to see you like my new toy.

Just got done shooting it at 1000 yards in a 15 MPH gusting winds and it performed quite well. I am still doing load development and I am going to be testing some RL25 soon. Those 300 grainers sure do buck the wind well!

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