OVER 500 MEMBER'S!!!!!!

Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
OVER 500 MEMBER\'S!!!!!!

This thing is taking off guy's....
Re: OVER 500 MEMBER\'S!!!!!!

Think about it Boyd, I joined ..um I dunno... about Augustish... since then, we all did A L O T of talking in Harrisburg ( the largest sports show in the country ), the video is a hit..... how many forums have you, Darryl, Butch, ready on the right, Dave, etc. etc. etc. and myself been involved in debates over this and that.... all our cabin fever seems to be paying off.

We just gotta keep the ideals that Len, Darryl, Dave and Steve, started this with...

Got everyones work cut out for 'em.....

Woo Hoo.... can't wait to make some video western style....
Re: OVER 500 MEMBER\'S!!!!!!

Boyd you may not have seen the bullet but, I'm sure you saw this thing coming.
Hopefully no one is going to duck out on us! I've notice that quite a few are coming of TEXAS. How about posting a map or something showing the numbers of members. If you do it we wont mention the bunny pink gun
Re: OVER 500 MEMBER\'S!!!!!!

I just found your site this morning and registered. Best of luck that it goes like wildfire to educate other hunters and shooters so they may be more capable to hit there target succesfully at whatever range they feel comfortable shooting. Maturity should come before gun ownership and with maturity a person should know there limitations and hunt/shoot within his/her capabilities whatever they are. I have shot/hunted long range for a long time.
Re: OVER 500 MEMBER\'S!!!!!!

Just like to thank the folks who have put in all the hard work to make this site, and for all the advice. Thanks all, littletoes.
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