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  • Tyler,

    Do you have a 30mm without the adjustable bubble? If so I want one, if not I want one like you already sold me. How much do I owe?
    Rich Coyle

    (541) 450-4170

    Today I installed the 1" printed level you sold me. Maybe I'm being a brute in my old age. The head of the screw going into the helicoil pulled through. Since I didn't have a small washer I ground down a small primer and drilled a hole in it. It didn't work because it was too close to the original hole size. After milling the "flat" area larger I ground a large primer and drilled a hole off center. It worked great.

    I am giving you this info as a heads up from a guy who solved the problem instead of bad mouthing you. I suggest you made the area larger and include a washer.

    I am convinced the one you sold me for the 34mm scope really helps. Thanks for an affordable product.

    Your .com friend happy customer,

    PS. How much are the aluminum models?

    Houston, we have a problem. In the past I did not strip threads. I badgered those who did. I installed one of your levels perfectly fine. The other, well not so fine. While installing the 34mm I pulled the helicoil out. I was going to go to the hardware store and get a very small nut, but I can't get the screw and the helicoil apart. Do you have a solution?

    Shoot me an email if you like.

    wildcater/ Rich Coyle
    Do you still have access to any of this ammo or is it all sold?

    I would specifically be looking for:
    270 Weatherby
    If there is any of this, what is the cost and what has the shipping been? I am in MT, 59037.

    Thanks much.

    [email protected]
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