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    Anyone interested in a Life-Size 1/2" AR500 Deer Targets w/ Vital Flappers? $800 SHIPPED!

    I'm doing some targets for KAK Industry, and if I can do a larger batch I'm all for it. These are 50"x30", flappers in the chest and head, with mounting points for my t-post mounts or hanging however you want. 1/2" thick AR500, should be good for all cartridges, real fast stuff or big magnums...
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    2019 SHOT Show (ELR-Specific): Day 4 (Friday, Jan 25, 2019)

    Wish you would've stopped by my booth up in the NEXT section! Have a bullpup 700 chassis I believe you would have liked to handle. Significantly lighter than a DT, stellar trigger, more open source/modular design.
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    Anti cant

    FWIW I haven't noticed a signficant change in bubble size from sea level to 10k elevation, those are the extremes at which I've shot.
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    Anti cant

    If someone has a line on ceramic levels, I'm more than happy to offer them at a $10 upcharge or whatever they cost. I've never had anyone mention the bubble being smaller than the lines, but then again I've never had a problem keeping a symmetrical gap on both sides of something, for example...
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    Bullets for sale

    Are Amaxes still available?
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    Anti cant

    I just put some levels in a freezer below 0f. Lost just a bit of sensitivity but I can't imagine it would ever be of issue. Took video if anyone is interested.
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    Anti cant

    Those are in stock now, just got some back from anodization.
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    Anti cant

    I shot to 2500 yards outside of SLC about a month ago. sub-$6000 rig, was smoking custom Desert Techs with those fancy electronic levels that were almost $20000 rigs ;) FYI, here's how strong printing materials hold up. This is a carbon fiber/nylon blend
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    Anti cant

    Hi guys, Tyler from MKM here, link was posted above. Of course you can't beat physics, and any liquid is going to change viscosity with temp, and a bubble will expand or contract accordingly. That being said, I haven't noticed a large difference in our ULP levels from hunting in about 10f to...
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    Labor Day Specials: Scope Levels, Throw Levers, $99.99 AR500 packages, Magneto Mounts!

    Hi guys, wanted to share some deals I've got going on through next weekend! First are throw levers, we've got a standard black nylon, FDE nylon, and a Carbon Fiber blend. The second two are typically an upcharge, but for the sale they are all $20. "shipminefree" at checkout will also do just...
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    Helical residue on target holes

    That's some interesting stuff! I'd tag Hornady perhaps, or with your permission I can ask them. I'm sure folks would have all sorts of ideas, maybe they've actually seen it before?
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    Real good 4th of July Deals. AR500 Targets, Scope Levels, Throw Levers, Reloading Stuff, etc!

    They are very solid and I think you'll like em a whole bunch! Yes, they have a black type III anodize. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    Real good 4th of July Deals. AR500 Targets, Scope Levels, Throw Levers, Reloading Stuff, etc!

    Hey guys, I've got some exceptional prices for you on my most popular products. After asking customers what the wanted most we crafted this 4th sale...Freedom from high prices :cool: I'll list a few of the deals below, look around otherwise and and find the rest...
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    .338 lapua improved 40degree

    I've now had a 338 LAI for probably 5 years now. Have went to 3200 with 300gr Bergers, 104gr Retumbo I believe. My usual load is about 3050 with 100gr Retumbo. 32" barrel.