Opening Day Success

And the backstrap steaks...



Your story made me smile. I bought a Remington 25-06 and put a 6x Leupold on it when I was 13. Rifle seemed to drop deer in their tracks. I’ve shot deer with other rounds that had bigger bullets and faster velocity. The results always seemed less dramatic then the 25-06. What do I shoot deer with at 41 years old? Back to the 25-06. Wish I still had my original. Congratulations on a beautiful deer. Love your choice of equipment.
Very nice buck. I have a Rem 25-06 CDL which shoots unbelievably well with IMR 4350 and 115gr Berger VLD's..... if you ever get the desire to try out new loads, that one is worth a look.
Ha! He was just a 3x3, a legal buck. Cut the antlers off the skull. One is still untouched, but the other antler was cut up into dog chew toys. :) Dog loves 'em. Not a trophy buck, but a good one, with delicious meat!

It was a good hunt, and I enjoyed tremendously.

Thanks All, Guy
October 23 our deer/elk season starts and I will be out there doing my best to meet up with a suicidal elk or big muley.
Congrats to the o p on a nice kill.