Oct 1st - Opening Day!

Sitting here sipping coffee waiting on ‘first light’ of early muzzleloader season….watching my phone receive “real-time” pics of one of the bucks I’m targeting. He’s down there RIGHT NOW…..in the dark. Killin Me!!!! 🥵🥵🥵
So back is unbelievably better and was able to hang a new stand today. I just bought s Hawke Helium XL and it is the most comfortable and stable stand I have ever been in! 24x30 so platform great for my snowshoe boots 16 5E.! Great travel Corridor and decent buck is in area.
Yeah, the tree is about 7-8" in diameter and really deep gouges. I am up 22' so hoping my 6'4" 260 looks like a squirrel. Safety rope all the way up, full body harness HSS vest.
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I guess it would be difficult not to gouge the bark off of any tree trying to scale them with your skis on! Evidence is in the picture....Forest Wardens going to be telling you to stay off their trees and stay on the ground! Nothing like SELF CONVICTING WITH PHOTO EVIDENCE!🤪
Nope….he didn’t make an appearance when the sun came up. I passed on a ‘lesser’ buck this morning, though. We have a one buck per year limit here and as such I’m pretty picky about what I shoot. There’s no sense in knocking off young bucks anyways…..
Same here....1 Buck! 2 Does. Best of Luck