Opening Day Success

Guy M

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Jun 4, 2007
Chelan Co, Washington
Hunted hard all day, except for the mid-day nap for this hunter!

Was up there glassing before sunrise. Hiked a lot. Hunted hard. Finally got a shot opportunity late in the afternoon, about an hour before sunset.

Only 212 yards to a fat, young 3x3 mule deer. PERFECT. The 25-06 is sighted-in at 200 yards with 115 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips at 3120 fps. I've got a 6x Leupold on the Remington rifle. Everything worked to perfection!


I finished quartering him up in the dark, by my headlamp. Stuffed him into my backpack and hiked about an hour out to my Jeep. This 61 year old solo hunter is pleased and tired. Happy to be home, enjoying some good cooking and a glass of wine.

Regards, Guy
Thanks. First legal buck I saw today, so I took him. That's just what I do on public land during general deer season here in Washington.

I understand that a fellow I know took a "monster" this morning, not far from where I took my 3x3 this afternoon.

Was impressed that the pack-out went pretty well. I must be doing the right stuff in the gym. :)

There is nothing like the taste of sweet success,and fresh venison,and your favorite good job Guy ctw
Now you know that puny little 25-06 will not kill a deer. You have to have at least a 30 mag something to kill a deer. LOL At least that is what I have heard for 30+ years. Seems those same people are the ones that talk about having to trail up the deer they shoot often. 99% of the time when shooting a deer with the 25-06 the only trailing you do is watching it go BANG FLOP. Nice freezer meat.
Guy, well done, what a great feeling you must have!

Thanks Len. It was a very satisfying, enjoyable hunt. Just cooked up some backstrap steaks earlier this evening. This hunt was just a chance to hunt some familar terrain, get out on my own for a while, and hopefully put some fresh venison in the freezer.

Accomplished all of those. I think I mostly enjoyed the hour long hike back to my Jeep, alone in the dark, with the weight of that venison on my back. Nice to know I can still do that, rather easily, at 61. Felt real good doing all that, have had a few injuries over the years and am still out here, thoroughly enjoying the hunt.

Regards, Guy