Oct 1st - Opening Day!

I truly believe a doe is a difficult trophy with bow especially when they get a little older. Who teaches bucks!
X 2 ! Honestly, I get just as much satisfaction knocking off a big ‘ole matriarch doe as I do a good buck. Seems like the ‘big girls’ have busted me a lot more than the ‘big boys’ have. 🤔
Flat heads taste better IMO, BUT if its a 130-150 class bruiser, Missy gets a pass! I am at the age where I have killed decent bucks so first goal is fill freezer and then hunt for horns. I am looking forward to IN firearm this year since I have two locations where I can reach out 600-700 yards if need be. I will bet old bucky is not expecting that risk crossing these two areas. Where I hunt MI, I might as well put bayonet on slug gun😁!
That is awesome! I truly believe a doe is a difficult trophy with bow especially when they get a little older. Who teaches bucks!
I’m hoping to get an arrow, sabot, or 175 gr eldx in this guy by the end of the year.
So back is unbelievably better and was able to hang a new stand today. I just bought s Hawke Helium XL and it is the most comfortable and stable stand I have ever been in! 24x30 so platform great for my snowshoe boots 16 5E.! Great travel Corridor and decent buck is in area.
Yeah, the tree is about 7-8" in diameter and really deep gouges. I am up 22' so hoping my 6'4" 260 looks like a squirrel. Safety rope all the way up, full body harness HSS vest.
Was feeling good enough yesterday afternoon and was able to drive right up to the field. I saw a bunch of does and four bucks. One was a shooter, but just stayed out of bow range. That was the first day out for me this year. Our season in NC opened up the 10th of September.
Hi, Rick, Eastern NC? I'm in the Triangle but hunt a lease in Halifax County.
Sitting here drinking cup of coffee O Dark 30 getting ready to hit woods for opening day bow here in MI. How did it get here so fast! Truck loaded, just need to drive hour to public land in IN where I prefer to hunt with bow. Since I have lifetime license, NBD. At 71, still have opening day "jitters" and nope not from coffee! When that stops, time to hang up bow!!!

Wish everyone a successful season whether you kill a deer or not! Just being in woods is successful for me! Be safe and PLEASE wear full body harness if in tree at all times.
Best of luck to you! I just got back home last night...! Had a good 5 days
On a managed property like ours the bucks just hang out with no fear till they are 5 years old. I shot a pig off this feeder about 5 minutes before this picture. Here is a pic of a nice 4 year old and a pig. I've taken 2 does and 4 pigs so far. Mature does are a lot tougher to trick than bucks.


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