ok guys... im between a rock a hard place on scopes.


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
I'm leaning towards the ziess victory diavari w/ either a rapid z1000 or the #43 illuminated reticle.

Or a night force... not really sure which one yet. BUT I want to know about the quality of the glass in the NF? I know they are tactical scopes and many people use them in hunting situations.

I did read the thread that said the NF didnt pick up light as good. but I was just wondering about clarity and consistency compared to the Ziess? The scope will be put on a hunting rifle that is sometimes used on the range.

what ya guys think?
I haven't seen anybody on this board mention the diavari line of scopes -i use the conquest and really like them.

The NF is a fine piece of equipment -tough -reliable -track great etc. maybe a tab behind the Zeiss the glass department.

Of coarse i know this wasn't any help -good luck in your quest.

The RapidZ 1000 is made for the 308

where the RapidZ 600 or 800 is made for hunting calibers

What caliber are you shooting?
well I had a 7mm RUM and it was recently stolen and of coarse they took my other victory diavari with it. I'm pretty sure I'm replacing the rifle w/ another 7mm RUM (thought about going .338 but wow brass cost way to much)
Well, first thing is that you DO NOT want the RapidZ 1000, it would never fit either one of those calibers. Second is that 338RUM is $10.00 cheaper for a 100 count box than the 7RUM brass on Midway right now and is available and the 7RUM brass is not.

You will not give up much if you get a Zeiss Conquest rather than the Diavari. The Conquests are excellent scopes with amazing clarity and resolution. I have a Zeiss Diavari 2.5x10x50 and a Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14x44 and the Conquest is clearer and has slightly better resolution, the Diavari is brighter and has a larger FOV.

You will however save over $1,000.00 by getting the Conquest and they have excellent customer service right here in the US, the Diavari's usually have to go back to Europe.

So you can get a 338RUM which is the best of the RUM's as far as expansion ratio and efficiency (read not overbore like the 7RUM), get a Zeiss Conquest assembled and serviced here in the US and save enough on the scope to pay for the rifle (if not 2).
I dunno what i could do with all the brass and bullets I have for the 7mm rum now though. I was stocking up just before the rifle got stolen. Thats one reason I want to stay with the 7mm RUM is I have a couple hundred brass and bullets. I can find 7mm RUM brass locally at a couple of different stores... never really looked @ the 338s though. I will be looking now though.

I do like the down range characteristics of the 338s better. I'm gunna ponder on it a little longer.

I'll look @ the conquest scopes... I never saw anything as clear as the diavari, thats why I bought it in the beginning but I'm up for a change for something better.
I see what you mean by having a lot of components for the 7RUM and probably dies also.

One thing to consider also is that the RapidZ800 is only available in the 3x12x56 Diavari. The 6x24x56's come in either the RapidZ1000 or the RapidZ Varmint. The Zeiss website

Welcome to Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc.

clearly states the RapidZ1000 is for 308's. If you work the RapidZ Calculator and input the info you will see that even if you get the RapidZ Varmint, to make the ballistics work with a 7mm bullet like the 160 Accubond at 3150 fps you would have to lower the power to 16 or so. So you might as well get the Rapid Z800 which is the best reticle anyway. So you would be limited to the 3x12x56. Excellent scope don't get me wrong, but it will mount extra high on the rifle and that would make me choose the 4.5x14x50 (or even the 4.5x14x44 which is what I have)Conquest anyway (unless someone were giving them away and then I would accept the Diavari, sell it and buy 2 Conquests).

I ran the numbers on the RapidZ800 on the Zeiss website RapidZ calculator and it works out that the RapidZ800 is just about perfect for either the 338RUM (225 Accubond at 3100 fps) or the 7RUM (160 gr Accubond at 3200 fps).

Just giving my opinion, yours to do with what you want, but I would get the Conquest and put the money in the gun or something else.
thanks man! I'm looking to spend close to 5K on rifle and scope, which is where limited myself to spend. I'm looking @ 2-2500 in the rifle itself... maybe more for a 338 cal... not sure if there will be a price difference in actions, b/c I havent looked that far into different actions.

the Rapid Z varmint looks like its going to be an option... I really like a higher magnification but I'm gunna ponder on it some more.
I cant speak for the Diavari, but I can speak for the NF. It has excellent clarity and in good light conditions - no mirage - I can see 308 cal holes in a targets out to 500 yds on 22x. The low end of 5.5x is plenty to use on deer size game well beyond 1000 yds. In low light, 30 - 40 min after sunset I can easily see game on 22x. With just a liitle moon light I can make out game out to severl hundred yards on the 5.5x (I dont shoot game in moon light, but coyotes might be a consideration) That is more than enough optical quality for me for hunting purposes. For a LR "Hunting" scope, good optics is important, but it is down the list of priorites. Precision, repeatability, reliability and ruggedness are most critical to me and it is just about impossible to beat a NF in those areas. My NF has felt 250 rounds from a 300 RUM, 200 from a 300 WSM and 200 from a 25-06. I expect it could take thousands more recoil from my RUM without being affected. I have also landed hard on it twice while hunting, being tripped up once and slipping on ice another time.

NF is the scope for me.

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