OK Penn. guys, more BigEye Questions


Jul 20, 2001
I found a gentleman selling new spacemasters, black crinkle finish, in RW Hart Brackets, with the adjusters and 22mmWA lenses. He bought out remaining stock of spacemaster bodies from a NY supplier and ordered the 22 WA's from Swift. Any thoughts about the Swift lenses?
He says they are slightly brighter and slightly (approx 18" @ 1000yds)than the Bushnell 22's. I have been looking for Spacemasters w/22WA but they are scarce.

Sounds good to me. Swift lists their 22x WA eyepieces as having a field of view of 157 ft @ 1000 yds only 6 ft less than Bushnells, that don't mean anything as long as their both the same. Contrary to what a lot of people would think you still only get the same field of view out of both scopes put together as you do one but no eyestrain. If you get them let us know how they are.

will do. Thanks Dan, Daryl and all you guys for the advice. This is not the kind of thing you find in the local gunstore or range in TX so all of yalls advice has been invaluable. Great site built on great people.

Premier Reticle used to put dots in a 22x WA Spacemaster for Rangefinding, the cost was about $50-$60 range. You can range (on the size of the animal) out to 800 yds. You marked the 12 o'clock position of your eyepiece fitted in one of your scope bodies (you can always shim if it didn't line up) and sent it to him. That was about 15 years ago. I don't know if he still does it. Different people used to put a fine crosshair in the eyepiece also. I've seen the crosshair eyepieces-they were nice. If you wanted to show someone else a deer that they couldn't find in their glasses. The guys that had them claimed you didn't even know the wire was in there after you glassed awhile with them. Some of us have some extra eyepieces but are hanging on to them for the future.

Hey august did you ever get those big eyes and how are they working out for you? I've been looking around and can't find any.
No, I am afraid not. They were supposedly shipped and lost (UPS) and the builder is not willing to sell me the other pair as he has promised them to someone else.There are a lot more details but I'll just get angry I go over them, so I join you in looking. R.J. Hart is evidently changing their mount to be more adaptable to other models of scopes (no mas' Spacemasters) and think they will have something in a few weeks. I am inclined however, into seeing what Daryl comes up with. He seems sterling in character and knows his optics.
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