Update on my Bigeye purchase!!!


Jul 20, 2001
Well after playing with them at home with a very poor tripod and short viewing distance (live in the city) I finally got out to the country yesterday. With a borrowed Gitza pod I set up the Bushnell Bigeyes that Darryl built and was just amazed. The clarity and shear distance was fantastic. Field of view and quickness of acquisition leave me chomping at the bit for next hunting season. Being able to individually focus each eye is another big plus over the binos I had gotten used to. We were actually viewing things at considerably more than 1000 yds (I would estimate a mile)with ease. I did not find them comfortable for viewing under 200yds where it is tough to get a 'single circle'image but hey, that is not what they are made for. Darryl is a great gentleman to deal with. His knowledge is incredible in this arena but he shares that knowledge THOROUGHLY whenever requested. I am so glad my original Bigeyes deal fell through with the 'other guy'
Hello August

Thank you for the kind words concerning the Spacemasters in the bracket setup.
The set I sent to you and one I sent to a fellow in California the next day was number 44 and 45 of those that I have done over the years.

I'm glad you like them and can see what you wanted to with them.

Darryl Cassel
How does this work? Do you have to keep focusing each one independently or is there a way to focus both at the same time? Any pictures? Thanks a bunch.
They are two 60MM Bushnell Spacemaster spotting scopes in an adjustable bracket.
The eyepieces that August wanted was the 20X and a set of 60X.

The bracket adjusts for your eye spacing (left and Right) and once that's set, you adjust each eyepiece individually. Once it's adjusted, you don't change it.

Great viewing. We have used this setup for years while longrange hunting.

The second set of glasses are the Bausch and Lomb turrets with 3 sets of eye pieces.
Darryl Cassel


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