Not your average Ammo Wallet, RF Case and XL Rifle Case

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Hey guys, I have a few products that I designed and had manufactured to very high standards for me when I couldn't find what I was looking for from other retailers (you want something done right, do it yourself, right?) so I did.

    I modeled the Rifle case after my own 30" barreled Edge and the Ammo Wallet after the 338 Edge round as well. The RF case is modeled around the Swarovski, but will fit several others in it.
    A lot of time and effort went into getting these products not only the way I wanted them, but how I thought you guys would want them.
    I have sold many of the rifle cases already to fellow members and have very good reviews around the internet. The Ammo Wallet and RF case have also been doing well, I just want everyone to know that they are available if you are in the market.
    Check them out at Each picture is also a link.

    Swarovski Rangefinder Case

    Custom Magnum Ammo Wallet

    Custom Long Rifle Cases

    Satisfied customers are saying:
    " The case just arrived. High quality throughout. The monogram is perfect. The font choice is excellent. I like the shade of red, great choice. The rifle fit couldn't be better. The zipper is a joy to use. Carrying balance is right. You do fine work. The pouch will have slips with your website name to hand out when I'm asked about the case. Thanks "

    Kurt in NY

    "I received the rifle case and ammo wallet on Saturday. I am very pleased with the construction of the case and ammo wallet. It does an outstanding job it holds the rifle tight and it doesn't flop around like most soft cases do. I will definitely pass on the word about your products. I will probably be ordering another ammo wallet in the near future. Thanks a lot and keep making quality merchandise."

    Joe in PA