Nikon's BLACK FX1000 - setting zero stop


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Aug 20, 2010
N. Texas
A number of you guys have asked me how the zero stop works on Nikon's new BLACK FX1000 FFP scope. Here's a video that Nikon made to show you how easy it is to set the zero stop.

I love that zero-stop setup! Wish Vortex had done something like that on their HS-T, instead of the brass shims. I mean, they work fine, but who wants to carry the shims with them when they got to the range... I always forget them.

Man, I wish I could get my hands on one of these for testing! From the way it looks, Nikon really might have hit a homerun with this scope.
Thank you, MudR. I agree, everything on this scope is very well thought out with the longrange shooter in mind. It should be hitting stores in the next 2 weeks!
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