Nikon Black 1000 6-24x50 MOA for Long Range Shooting

Steve Sheasly

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Dec 15, 2017
I just purchased a Nikon Black 1000 6-24x50 MOA with 30 mm tube for long range shooting/hunting. I was warned by some folks at a Major chain sporting goods store that this scope would not hold up to large calibers. That the scope would not hold its adjustments.
I have been using an older Monarch Nikon for years and have subjected it to a lot more then just recoil. I mount it on the front of a 4 wheeler and drive through the Blue Mountains of Oregon. I have never seen it get knocked of adjustment.
I called Nikon and they told me that they have this scope mounted on BMG 50s and it holds. So I have it mounted on a .338LM and will let you know. I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this scope on big magnums. By the way it is not a $2k scope it is under a grand. The optics are as good as any out there to my eye. I used Nikon glass for decades in my professional cameras.

I was really eyeing this scope for my 7mm Rem Mag, but it does not have a one piece tube does it?
My Nikon prostaff held up to my .300WM for years. I even dropped hard enough to take out a chunk of metal out of the tube once and kept it's zero. My opinion is that Nikon makes a good product for the money.
It sure doesn't look like a one piece tube to me???
I am in Texas in an RV and my scope is at home. I looked at it very carefully and unless I am mistaken the main tube is one piece. Go take a look at your local sporting goods store.
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