Nightforce scope warranty wont transfer??

Not true. I recently purchased a nf 5.5x22 from a member here. It actually had the card he never filled out. I called nf and explained i purchased it used but had the card can i send it in or what is the deal with something like this. They told me it didnt matter who owned it and forget the card, nf has a life warranty. What a piece of mind. Also, i had a few questions about the zero stop after looking at the paper work that was included. I was asked if i was at the range i wasent. They told me to throw the paper work away if desired and call there tech support when i was ready and they would guide me thru every step if need be. + 1 for nf nice people to deal with, i feel i have 100% quality.
1+ on what mike33 said. I recently purchased a NF from a member as well and called NF to order a rail. During the conversation I asked about the scope warranty and was told the same thing, that it has a 100% lifetime warranty. They also said they would be able to retrofit with the new 20 MOA per revolution turret in the near future. That will be nice!
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