nice bull at 701 yds

Idaho Sawyer

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Dec 15, 2009
Lake Fork, ID
had a great time at elk camp this year. Found this guy opening morning, he had about 15 cows with him and he was fired up, bugling about every 5-10 minutes.
Lazered him with the Leica and it read 701 so I dialed 12.5 moa, there was a little down canyon right to left to so I didn't adjust for spin drift. Dry fired a few times and when he quartered away I sent a 300 Berger on the way. It entered just behind the shoulder and broke the farside shoulder, DRT. My cousins bull was the next day and I didn't get to see the shot but it was right at 750 and he put 2 right in the 10X and bull down! in the last photo, the bull was standing on the far hill right where the end of the barrel is, enjoy the photos


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I definitely feel lucky to have been born and raised in Idaho, and get the opportunity to hunt a bull every year

I went to school with a guy that I recently learned lives in Sandpoint. I'm planning a summer trip to visit him next year. He said we can hunt off his back porch. :D
Wow! Impressive all the way around, tough country long shots, and the part where you guys make it look and sound easy!
What breath taking views , man that country looks awesome! Thanks for the story and pics . You wouldnt be willing to guide an out of stater next year for a long shot would you?:D
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