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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
I'm new to this forum, and I'm interested in getting some input on anyone that's using single-shot specialty pistols for long-range coyote hunting. Any ideas on bullet performance? I'm attempting shots to 1000 yds.
I don't use single shot handguns but the info is applicable. Big issue is reduced muzzle vel. No matter what cartridge you use, the vel from a 15" barrel is going to be a lot less then a 24". Most on this board go much longer.

This vel loss reduces impact vel and bullet performance. You definitely need to stick to very fragile varmint or match bullets.

In 6mm, I would look at the 87gr Vmax, or 90gr Ballistic Tip out of a 243AI - you need all the vel you can get. The new 243 WSSM may be pretty good due to increased effective barrel length.

In 6.5, consider the 95gr Vmax and 105gr MK and similar weight BT. The 6.5-284 or 6.5X55AI are probably your best bets.

The 308 Win may not be that bad for this project as its larger bore means less vel loss per inch of barrel. 125gr Vmax or BT may be your best bet in this cal.

I have stayed away from the normal VLD type bullets because I think the low vel will cause some headaches with elevation adjustment. Also, these heavier bullets will increase recoil dramatically.

The Vmax bullets are very accurate and have a high BC for their bullet weight. Getting them to 3000fps will allow for adequate performance out to 1000yds.

I think a muzzle brake would be in order.


Welcome to the LRH forum. A 125gr Speer TNT works well, but I doubt it would all the way to 1000 yards.

What pistol/cartridge are you using?

do not have the article anymore, but there was a guy named Bowden (?) that specialized in converting stock contenders into LR pistols out in Utah or Nevada. He rechambered in the 6.5/7mm and 30 cals and would shoot out to 500 sub .5 MOA. He changed the front foreend to a flat BR type and flattened the rear grip to make it easy to shoot BR style off a custom rest.

Look at the 6.5 JDJ from SSK and 6.5 Bullberry. One problem you are going to have to overcome, is that LR (1000yd) shooting normally requires heavy bullets in fast twist barrels which are faster than normal. That means custom barrels! Several choices SSK, Bullberry and Virgin Valley for contenders or encores.

Go for it, but you are really pushing the envelope with either fast lighter bullets or slower heavier bullets either way.

Good Luck

I have shot my 7-08 out to 500 yards in a custom XP100. You may want to look at the 6.5 BR with a 107g SMK or a 6.5-284 in a XP 100. I would go with a fast twist to stabilize the heavy bullets. You should be able to get around 2900 to 3000 fps out of the 6.5-284 case with 107g bullets. I would have a custom pistol built on a bolt action with a good heavy barrel 1.250 with no taper at 15 to 16 in long with a brake. I would have a custom BR stock with a 3in wide forearm and add some weight to the stock so you can use a rifle scope. I use a 12 power Leupold on one of my long range pistols you could go with a 24 or a 8.5x25 LRT. You may want to contact SSK and see what they would suggest.SSK phone 740-264-2257
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I just ran some trajectory calculations on a 6.5-284 with a 107g SMK and the 140g AMAX the. The 107g at 2900 Fps you will need 36 MOA of come up and have 1152 Fps I don't think that will do you will be better off with the 140g AMAX at 2500 Fps you need 34.5 MOA at 1k and have 1370 Fps left at 1k. Hope this helps.
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I think the guy that some one else mentioned is actually Dan Bower. Interesting old guy, pretty nice fellow to talk to. I put a nickel or two in him at a gun show in Alliance, Nebraska a couple years back (I believe he is from Colorado). He definitely had made believers out of a couple of fellows that I knew at work. If I recall correctly, they were shooting at basically MOA sized targets out to 700yds w/ a .223!

Try looking on www.accuratereloading in the Single Shot Pistol forum. I think I recall a few guys discussing using Bower's wildcat cartridges, the special shooting rests, etc.


I build this gun in photo shop. Something like this would work

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That looks pretty cool, alot nicer than my Striker.

A left hand model with a 30 barrel would be cool.
Does anyone know if the McMillans are solid through the wrist area and could be whacked off and reshaped?

I assume you would just need to maintain the 18"+ barrel length to keep it legal, or does the action have to begin life as a pistol to not have a full butstock?
Rifle barrels must be greater than 16", shotguns are 18", but they must also meet an overall length requirement, also. I'm not sure on the numbers, but suffice it to say that if you just chop off the barrel to 16" and cut the stock behind the wrist, it WILL be illegal, unless you have a really long action...
Thanks for all the input.

Brent; I've got a Gre'-Tan Rifles XP in 6.5-284 Win. Burris 3-12XLER with Ballistic Plex reticle zeroed to 600 yds. with comeups calculated to 1000, with the 129 gr. Hornady SST @ 2900 out of the 15" barrel. Believe it or not i actually took a coyote @ 906 yds. a month or so ago, but i think i was real lucky to have dropped him on the spot, as the bullet exited the spine. I bet if i'd have hit him thru the lungs, he would have gotten away and I'd have never found him. But the info presented here has been a big help, and i think i'm going to try the 120 Nosler, and maybe the A-Max. Hopefully I can get enuf shock out of those bullets to put them down, but man i don't know. I'm going to get a 6-284 built by Gre-Tan soon so maybe that'll work better, we'll see.

Don Bower is the guy that used to do all the experimentatiion with the Contenders/Encores. He has a long-range seminar occasionally out in Alliance.
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