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Jun 7, 2002
Muscle Shoals Al
Hi everybody. I have been a "lurker" for quite awhile and finally decided to register tonight. My boss and buddy "Bull" just came back from Canada with Dave King, where they had a heck of a good time. All the stories of killing bears and shooting guns got my blood pumping.
I have a lot of questions to ask in due time, but first I just wanted to tell the site adminstrators that I have already enjoyed this site and I look forward to the topics in the future. Keep up the good work.
Welcome to the site, I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy.

Ask Bull if he'd like a Mars bar or maybe a Granola bar or two!

Welcome aboard!
Thanks Len & Dave. I'll be sure to ask about the Mars and Granola bars, but I'll have to wait until a large group of people are around. I love to get the full milage out of this stuff.

I heard Bull got a little "sugar" in the local grocery store up in Canada. You gotta watch that guy.
Give me a call sometime and maybe we can get together to shoot. I live in Bartlett(outside of Memphis) and am a member of MSSA. We have ranges out to 600 yds with a 1000 yard range in the works. I'm always looking for someone to shoot with. Do you have any groundhogs there? They're pretty scarce here and I'm looking for a 1000 yd++ shot close to home.
Chris Jamison
Hi Chris,
Glad to meet you. I only live about 50/60 miles north of you, straight up highway 51. There are a few groundhogs here, but none where I can get permission to shoot. Most of my LRS is done after our deer season on crows. My shooting range (
) is very limited this time of year, until the crops are cleared in the fall. At that time, I could probably get 800 to 1000 yards, but I am sort of new at those type distances. My background has mainly stopped at 300 yards, although I did make a confirmed drop in her tracks kill at 432 yards last year in Texas. I'll never forget the look on my guides face when he saw the shot hit, then a delayed splat.

I'll keep your number, and maybe we can hook up sometime, as I need all the tips I can get.
My shooting time is pretty limited until the end of July, thanks to my 13 year old's traveling baseball.
Welcome to the best site on the net. I say that because I spend more time here than checking my e-mail
. The people here are very nice and they will give you feed back even if out of the ordinary. They meaning DC, Boyd and Len (not to just single them out) and the rest of of family likes to take time out to explain what we are about. I'm not a pro unless you count squirrel hunting as a kid but, I"ve learned to respectthe thoughts and ideas that they share with us.Learning is good if the teachers can keep us interested.
Welcome aboard, I'm a West Tennessean too. My profile indicates that I'm from the Mississippi Delta, but I actually live in Collierville. I listed the Mississippi Delta as my location because that's where I do about 99% of my hunting. I'm also a member of MSSA like Chris. I was there Saturday shooting my .300 Wby and 7mm Rem Mag. on the 100 yard range. I wouldn't say I'm a long range hunter, yet, but I do enjoy this site a lot and get quite a bit of useful information from it. I hope someday to have the equipment necessary to do some sure nuff long range hunting.

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Delta Hunter, Thanks for the welcome. Don't worry, I won't hold being from Collierville against you.
Just kidding dude. It sounds like we are in the same boat as far as true LRH goes. I thought I was doing pretty fair, until I ran accross this site! Talk about getting humbled. Ain't it great?

texas, I love your state. Awesome whitetails in the deep southern brush country. Very impressive.

Dave King, you need to clean out your backpack. That stuff has expiration dates ya know.

Coincidence? I was looking for some of my gear Sunday and came across another Granola bar wedged into the small recesses of my backpack, I thought I had all that stuff finally cleared out.

I did notice toward the end of the bear hunt that the pack was getting overly heavy and that's when I began the process of clearing out the dozens of Mars bars and munchies they forced on us. A fella WILL NOT starve in that bear camp, might die from a sugar rush or elevated cholesterol but never starve.

I'll be sending out the video to Gene in the next few days maybe he'll pass it around a bit.
I had to take my backpack and guncase to the carwash in order to get the dirt out!!!There was an unexplainable quantity of Mars bars left in the drain at the car wash -
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