New Savage 220 Slug Gun

59FLH, I have a 220. What do you mean about the front base screw? Tryed all brans of ammo ,just does not seem to want to shoot well. I have a Nikon Slug Hunter on it. Thanks

Had the same problem, I tried Rem, Fed, Hornady, Fusion, etc, it was not as accurate as advertised. Changed mounts etc, I even sent it back to Savage, they shot it and sent it back with the test target. I scratched my head and went to work. Turns out the screws in the packages of the bases I tried were a few threads to long. The front screw on the base was bottomed out on the barrel and not holding the base. I trimmed 2-3 threads off the front base screw and solved my problem. I now shoot MOA or better with 3" Rem Accutips. Savage was great about it, give them a call if you don't get it sorted out, they can and will help.

I started with a Weaver base, and moved to Leupold bases, even changed scopes. That's when I contacted Savage. After my discovery I concluded the screws most likely work on small shank Savage, but must be a bit to long for large shank.
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Just picked up a couple boxes of these and man they shoot crazy good even better the federal trophy copper which was my go to round, and better then the accu-tips.
In my 220 manual it stated to use the Remington Premier sabot slugs in 2 3/4”. I only read that after buying 3”, the 2 3/4 were much more accurate.

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