Need a new slug gun


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Oct 7, 2008
I am looking for a slug gun for deer, and would like to stay around $500. All suggestions would be appreciated.
Remington Model 870™ Express Synthetic Deer msrp$425-new.
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The new savage 20 ga slug gun built on their 110 action. All reports show it hammers.

I would stay with a 20 ga not matter what. I am shooting the encore in a 20 and took a deer opening morning 2 years ago at 176 yds.

Recoil on some of the 12s with slugs is brutal to say the least.

Here is a link to a grear review on the new savage.

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Savage 220 slug gun, built on their 110 bolt action. I know 3 people who have them, and @ 100 yds. they're all grouping around 1" or less with the Remington AccuTips. It has the AccuTrigger and the P.A.D., so breaking the trigger consistently is not a problem, and recoil is minimal. The one gentleman is a gunsmith, and claims 2.5" @ 200 yds.

The only downside is that you need to put the B-Square picatinny rail on it, in order to mount most scopes, due to the spacing of the screws needed to bridge the action. Not many scopes have tubes this long.

Good luck.
I havn't shot the new Savage but I agree it looks awesome, and I too would stay with 20 gauge. Personally I like the Encore system. You can probably find a used one with a 20 gauge rifled barrel for $500.00.
I would say if $ is tight than you cant go wrong with the h&r ultra slug guns. I just bought one in a 20 and know several other people who gave it in a 12 gauge. All shoot very well, I have only shot mine a couple times and the lightfields shot one big hole @ 50 yards. That was just sighting in the scope and one other time and so far the lightfields shoot the best of the 4 diff types I've tried. Waiting on some remmy accutips to come in to try them cuz mine didn't shoot the SST's worth a ****.
Thanks for all the suggestions, I bought the Remington 11 87 Super Mag 12g. It is all camo and came with a rifled barrel, for $559.00. I put the Nikon 3-9 BDC scope on it. I only had time to shoot 100 yards so far but i am happy with the results, I cant wait to shoot at a target with fur!!
Im using remington copper solid sabots, and i shot 1 1/2 inch group, good shooting for me with a shot gun. When i first started shooting a shotgun, many years ago, i gave myself a half moon on my forehead, and still cant shoot a shotgun as relaxed as i can a rifle.
ps the scar is still there lolol
I shoot a Rem 870 with cantilevered barrel. It shoots 3" Lightfield slugs just under 2" at 100 yds with a factory trigger. If I was to buy a new slug gun I would get a copy of my wife's slug gun. She shoots a 20 ga H&R single shot topped with a Leupold 2x7 (same scope I have). The gun has a great trigger, shoots excellent, and kicks less than half as my teeth jaring 12 ga.
+1 more for the 220. Picked mine up two weeks ago and love it. I completely forget I'm shooting a shotgun. (You could call it a rifle??) I wish you could take them coyote hunting here, I hate having to wait until November.
it would def. do a number on a yote lol I got a monarch x on mine not the best idea shell hits the scope turret everytime!! Oh well it is a tac driver shouldnt need more than one shot

50 yards with the 220 4 shots in the right group. The center hit was after scope adjustment
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