New slug gun?


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Jan 9, 2015
I am looking at buying a new slug gun for deer hunting in IL. I have done a bit of research and have come up with two options. I either want the H&R Ultra Slug Hunter Deluxe or the Mossberg 500 Slugster. I like the accuracy of the H&R but I also like that the Mossberg is pump action. Is the Mossberg accurate enough to get the job done at 100 to 175 yd or should I go with the H&R.
Not even a question the H&R is what you want. In no way will the Mossberg match the accuracy. Plus if you hit it the first time with a slug you don't need a second shot. Lola. In reality you can reload an hr pretty quick with some practice. If you really want a follow up shot than do a savage 220f. Ive had both the savage and the H&R both shoot very well. It he HR won out by a hair though.
TimGerdt, why does that name sound familiar? Are you from IL and roughly what part?

I use to use a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge with a Hastings rifled barrel and a side mount scope until I went to the H&R 20 in 2008, also in IL.

What I have witnessed so far:
The gun:
-The H&R is more accurate than my 870 ever was, which I thought was accurate.
-After deer season the slug guns goes in the back of the safe, comes out the next November, gets shot, is found to still be accurate, shoots till tags are filled, goes back in the safe.
-A dedicated slug gun. it has one purpose with one slug and nothing ever gets changed.

The switch to the 20 gauge:
-A TON less recoil
-Teeth are still intact, brain is not rattled, shoulder isn't sore after a zeroing before season, no flinch is developed
-Less muzzle jump
-Deer are still dead, I would say just as dead but I think they are deader with the 20, I have yet to see one run more than 35 yards with the 2 3/4" Lightfield Hybrid EXP's that I use. I used the same slug in the 12 gauge and they all ran further. I have only one explanation but nobody will believe it.
-The H&R is heavy and is not a quick pointing gun with the scope, but deadly accurate.
-Get your ammo before season, around here 20 gauge sabots seem to go scarce faster than the 12's, it seems to me more people are switching to the 20 gauge sabot loads away from 12 gauge guns.

I use the 2 3/4" Lightfield Hybrid EXP's, I was a convert to them about 11 years ago in a 12 gauge and used them in my 20. I have 2 of these H&R's and the Lightfields shoot well for me in each. My dad used the other one I have to harvest a pretty nice buck this fall. A buddy of mine also went from an 870 12 gauge set up similar to mine to an H&R 20 gauge after shooting mine, he was amazed at the accuracy. He tried Lightfield's, Remington Accu-Tips and Remington Copper solids and settled on the Copper-Solid due to cost and it shot better (actually the Accu-Tip shot best but they were harder to find and more expensive). My aunt has the same gun as I do and it likes the Copper-Solids. I have tried the 3" Federal Sabot with a Barnes Expander in my second H&R, it has a huge potential and might just be what I go to next year.

As much as I love my Lightfield Slugs I will admit they are not much more than a 125 yard slug, they have the ballistics of a concrete block and fall fast after 125 yards. The problem is where I hunt I have the potential for shots to 200 yards and I know there is a slug out there I can do it with but unfortunately I don't think it will be the Lightfield.
I am originally from Murphysboro and then I move to Jerseyville, and now I live in MO and hunt in IL. So I guess I will go with the H&R but do you have any suggestions on what scope to use. Also I have done some research on slugs and I think the slugs that I will try first are these Federal Premium Ammunition - Shotshell
Murphy is where I live. How old are you, mid 30's maybe?
I use a Nikon Buckmasters 3-9x40, just get a quality one with eye relief. I have no complaints on my setup.
I am 19, maybe you know my dad, his name is David Gerdt. What range do you shoot at and what range is your scope set at?
I am 34 so you are much younger than me and your dadbis likely older than me.

I have mine zeroed at 100 yards, which makes it roughly 3" high at 50 and 6" low at 125. I have shot to 128 yards on a doe and she dropped like a rock.
As for scopes I have both the Nikon slughunter and the Leopold saber. The choice comes down to range if you never plan on shooting over 125 the Nikon is a better scope for light I feel. That being said I have the Leopold on my long range slug gun cause the Reticle is smaller as the distance moves out on the bdc. As for slugs your best bet would be buy one box of each sst and one of the accutips. Then buy one of the 2 3/4 and 3inch of both. Let the gun decide. My long range one loves the 3inch accutips. My dads likes the 2 3/4 inch accutips but some like hornady. I was glad mine shot them so good cause the accutip is the best constructed built I've seen for slugs bonded and brass jacketed. I have yet to have one fail even on big bore's in the shoulder. My longest kill was 209 yards on a big Michigan doe. Took her down in 30yards. Good luck
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