New build dilemma


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Aug 31, 2012
Johnstown, PA
Trying to decide to rebarrel and build my remmy 700 bdl 25-06 laying around or go with a rem700 sps-v 308 and build on that platform. The rifle will be used for hunting whitetails here in PA out to 6-800 yards for hunting but yet be able to take targets at 1000. caliber selections are more than welcome, thanks guys
I have both and love both. If I had to pick between them though it would be the 280 AI for brass availability and a more versatile all around cartridge. Everybody needs at least one 280 AI. It is one of my favorite all time cartridges. It will do anything the 7mm remington will do on less powder and recoil. That is why my 7mm remingtons haven't been shot in years. The 280 AI and 7mm JRS took it's place.
I use the old Winchester WMR powder in it which is not available so the load wouldn't do you any good. I use the 162 Hornady Amax bullet and it is deadly on deer and antelope to as far as I care to shoot one. I use the 129 SST in the 6.5-06 AI with the same powder and it is also a deer killing machine.
I also have the 25-06 AI, 25 Gibbs and 257 wby. The problem with the 25's is the availability of good high bc bullets. Fun to shoot and they make great little 600 yard rifles. But they pretty well die after that in comparison to the 280 AI and 6.5-06 AI with good high bc bullets.
I am going to mention something that no one else has mentioned... If you build on the 308 you will be stuck with building a short action cartridge rifle. If you build on the long action 25-06 you can build a rifle that will shoot any cartridge. I have a couple short actions but that was before I figured out I could use long actions and build it to shoot anything. I have one rifle that I shoot everything from .223 to .300 RUM through. The recoil lug was pinned and now its a switch barrel. I only shoot it single shot and I have to change the bolt for the different cartridges but it works.
thats not a bad idea either... i started looking into wildcats i can build the 700LA into without changing the bolt face and everything else and the 6.5 and 30 gibbs really have my interest, theyre on par with the magnums of their caliber but from an 06 case.. thoughts?
I have the 240, 257, 264, 7mm, 30 and 338 Gibbs. I get good accuracy out of all of them and they shoot right at there '06 length magnum counterparts. The biggest knock on the gibbs was the short .25" neck that turned some off. Many of those same people love the 300 win mag with the same neck length. People just like to argue and throw off on something they are jealous of or don't have. The Gibbs are some of the best rifles I own. If you go with the 7mm I like the JRS the best which is all you can get out of a 280 case. Closes the gap a little more to the 7mm remington. My 7 jrs actually shoots right with my 7mm remingtons. The 280 AI is the easiest to work with since it is over the counter brass now and you can make any shot with it you can with the others including the 7mm remington. 100 fps just isn't that big a deal in big game hunting if you have the right bullet in the right place.
I would use the LA and make a 6.5x284 norma - great high bc bullet choices, brass options and reasonable recoil.
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