Need help with Alaska rifle

Thanks 1911

Give me a few days so I can get a map and figure out where I am, so I'm not completely lost. No matter who gives me advise I'll deffinately want to talk to you.

I havn't purchased my alaska rifle yet, but I think I have it narrowed down to the XCR in 338 RUM, or a Savage in 338 Win. I handload so ammo shouldn't be a big problem. I like the results Long time Long ranger was talking about with the XCR, but I also like the Savage I was looking at with a turn on turn off muzzle break. Either way since I can't find the 700P I want I'll probably get a 338.
Cavtrooper, I have used many big 338's in Alaska to take game including the 338 win mag, 340 wby, 338-300 ultramag, 338 ultramag, 338 lapua and 338-378 weatherby. 338 is the best all around caliber for alaska because of the big bear threat when you have got to put him down. Best way to describe them is the 338 win mag will kill anything in Alaska. As you go up through the others I listed they just kill it deader a little quicker. I love the 338 winny for a light carry rifle that does not require a brake. The others need a brake. This year I am probably carrying a 338 win mag tikka t-3 light scoped out at 7 pounds 2 ounces shooting 185 barnes ttsx's at around 3300 fps. With the lighter bullet recoil is kept to a minimum alowing it to be shot without a brake in the light rifle. The 185 barnes will shoot through and kill anything I encounter.

The polar bear story was a great one but to make it short we had a stare down just before dark at 100 yards and he decided to turn around and go back to the kill site he trailed me from.

My rem 700 xcr 338 rum shoots great and I am very happy with it. I freefloated the tupperware stock on it, bedded the action, put a good trigger on it and a muzzle brake. It will easily take game at 1/2 mile which is about where I usually draw the line.

In the late 90's I spent quite a bit of time developing a very good 338-300 ultramag chamber but dropped it when the 338 rum came out because with average accuracy loads they are essentially the same thing. I like the benefits of the factory round. I still own two of the first 338-300's ever built but the 338 rum gets all the work.
I picked up my Savage 116 338 Win Mag today. I'm pretty sure that I want a a 4.5-14 scope. I've had a couple and just really liked them. I think I'm going to get a 30mm tube, but I can't decide whether to get a 40mm or 50mm objective. What are your guys thoughts.
Either 40 or 50mm up here works fine and you wont notice the difference. I do have one rifle that wont fit in my ATV scabbard because of the 50mm scope...just a little too tight for my liking. Just a heads up, military get 40% of the leupold tactical line. If you dont have time for a link up over a map just send me a pm with what animal you are going after and I can tell you where I go for the cheapest hunts up here. For military guys it comes down to how much time you have available.
Which cross hair did you get?

For the rig you are talking about a "all around" rifle probaly go with the 40mm. Better check weld due to the stock and lower mounting with the smaller objective.
I used 7mm Mag for all my Alaskan hunting, my dad used 375H&H. The H&H has a lot of drop for long shots for caribou in the plains and goats on the mountain. So a RUM would be great.

338 Win Mag was probably the most common for over 30 caliber cartridges.

A long tube would not be fun for going through thick stuff or getting in a bush plane or boat. That's why the 45/70 lever guns are popular, but they won't reach out on the caribou or goats/Dall sheep. Lugging a heavy gun up and down the mountains is not fun.

For a do-all Alaska gun, I highly recommend stainless steel metal and fibreglass stock. A tight fitting and durable scope with low 2-4x power, but 9-16x high end power zoom.

I like the WSM and RUM over the traditional belted mags for more reliable feeding.
Ruger Alaskan

Rem 700 OK..... 300 RUM and 338 RUM not very popular here

Win 70 with CRF much better 338 Win Mag I have a 3.5x10 Leupold BC on mine.

Ruger 77 Alaskan in 375 Ruger ............very good gun for Alaska.
Top it with 1.5x5 Leupold and Warne QD rings and you have your Alaska rifle.

gun)Jeff in Alaska
338 Win Mag

The 300 Win Mag with good Prem 180gr bullets is very popular here in Alaska.

But the 338 Win mag with 225gr is what I use most.

A Win 70 with Mcmillian Stock and for the scope I use a Leupold 3.5x10 with the B&C reticle in Warne QR mounts. Areal shooter out to 600 to 700 yards.

I handload my ammo with 225gr Nosler Accubonds and Reloader 19 @ 78.0
which gives me 2950 FPS. WW Brass and Fed 215GM primers.

After seeing the big costal brown bears the 338 Win seems even small.
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