Need help with rifle build

I have two fluted barrels from Rock Creek. They are really light. Rock Creek is the only barrel maker that understands what fluting is for. I have several Kriegers, two Barleins and a McGowen that are fluted but the flutes have little effect on the weight of the piece. One of my rifles (Model 70 26 inch Rock Creek) is 7.5lbs with a 2.5-10 Sightron installed. MPI graphite stock and no floor plate.
"Not so much as a 338. Maybe something in the 264 WM, 7RM, 300WM zone with long, high BC bullets appropriate for elk. A brake if necessary."

300 win mag would be my first choice, but if recoil is too much I would step down to a .284 win or 7 WSM. The 7 STW is going to be comparable recoil wise to the 300 win. 168 bergers going 3050 are bad medicine for most critters.
I'll throw in my .02 cents Alan. What I use and have used for years is the 300wm. Mine is a trued Remington action, #4 rock creek 10 twist barrel braked in a McMillian/Holland stock topped with a nxs 5.5-22x50. It weighs in at about 10lbs and anyone can shoot it all day long without a problem.
I only shoot two different bullets in it, berger 215's and barnes lrx 200's. I have killed elk with the barnes ttsx but not the berger 215's, reason being is if I have a less than perfect a shot I want a bullet that will penetrate a fair amount. There's No replacement for displacement.
My 2 cents would be for the 7wsm. My brother has a christensen arms 7wsm and that rifle is absolutly deadly. He is shooting a 140grain ttsx at 3250 fps or so thats just off the top of my head and may be off slightly.
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