Need help ID'ing a Rifle with FN Action

Punch in commercial fn Mauser action my take it Will answer alot of your questions.

Will do. I definitely don't plan on cutting it up. I want to keep it as it is. I just want to make it shoot as good as I think it can.

Do you guys have any idea on the value of a gun like this? Not even sure where to start with when talking to my dad.
As others have said, that's a very fine rifle. The commercial mauser actions were made by a lot of different companies over the years but they don't come any better than the early FN's like you have. They're currently made by Zastava in Serbia and they're not nearly as well finished as the early ones like you have.

Please resist any urge to cut it up and modify it like many on this site would do with it. It would be very unlikely that your rifle wouldn't shoot well once you figure out what's the problem. Start by checking action screw torque and clean the barrel well paying particular attention to copper fouling. That's a pretty old leupold on top and it may very well have gone south on you judging by your comment of erratic groupings. I'd probably take it off and send it back to leupold for a look over, they'll inspect it and check everything for free. When it's off check the bases for proper torque and properly torque the rings when you re-mount the scope. If it's still acting up then consider bedding the stock. Work through it methodically and I'm certain you can get it to shoot, it's too well made not to.

I didn't realize that Leupold would go over their old scopes for free. That one definitely has a lot of years on it and it has been used. I may have to send it back to them just to check for me.
morning, EWOELK go to, inter in search interarms Mark X, see if this is

ur rifle. there r about 10 for sale
morning, this info came of the internet

I have seen this weapon before. my friend has one, same caliber

according to where a person looks.

this from the internet under FN Mauser action made by Zastava. in Yugoslavia.

This is the same action that is currently being imported by Remington. as the 798.

These r built by Zastava on a old FN equipment. There is absolutely nothing

wrong with the interarms MKX. When interarms was importing them, they wore

nice finishes and were pretty smooth. When Charles Daly started importing them.

the finish wasn't as nice but the rifles were cheaper.

Interarms builds a nice weapon, on a Mauser action, usually built in Yugoslavia,

but sometimes assembled elsewhere. they r a good solid firearm, and I would

guess that it would sell, without optics, for around $500 r $600 range. depending

upon the condition. althought I have seen them as high as $900, so it varies

in who owns and wants to sell-- what condition.

I hope this helps U.
Just Country - I have spent some time searching the internet for my rifle, but can't find much. This is the only hint that I have located that match the proof marks on my rifle.

I have the following marks.

"Standard Model"
B G (with Star inside Crown above them)
U N (with Star inside Crown above them)

The marks I have found appear to be German Proof Marks, but they are missing the Eagle that I have seen on some old Proof charts.

Any idea of what I have here? Obviously it's been sporterized as it's a .220. It doesn't even state if it's a Swift or not. Does anyone know what type (and possibly how old) my action is?;MwrD_ywH1y0K3M:&imgrc=dZwBd9t5ldw7TM:
That is a post-war commercial '98 Mauser. The same design has been in continuous production in various places and is currently being made in Serbia. FN made some of the best of the breed. You have a fine rifle.

One thing I do know with my Husky, I don't build loads in excess of SAMMI specs (something I usually do with modern firearms simply because of the age and candidly, I don't trust the steel in the receiver or chamber to withstand a high pressure event. Also. on the old receivers, there are no cross drillings to let the 'fire' out if, something malfunctions, IOW, the fire comes straight your face.

It's a shooter within reason.
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