my favorite 308 win load so far!!!

Doc M

Jul 25, 2012
I was working up a load in my CZ 550 American 308win and stumbeled into this load, winchester brass trim to 2.015 use 46 gr of Varget and 150 Serria Gamekings. This load will hold three quick shots in .35 and the other two .75 at 100 yards. Don't think i can improve on that but if anyone has any suggestions they will be apperciated.

I shoot 46 gr. Varget with Sierra Game Kings, Hornady SST's, and Nosler BT's. All shoot 2800FPS and produce sub .5MOA from my Rem700 MilSpec. I use 165gr. In all three. Varget is a great powder, and very temperature stable.
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Have any of you fine people tried H4895?Varget shot well for me but H4895 shot just as well and gave better speed.
I am shooting 175 SMK's under 42.5 grs. of Varget with Rem. cases trimmed to 2.013 and Federal 210m primers. Shooting 1/4 moa at 200 yards with a stock Rem 700P.

H4895 is an excellent powder and I have used it a little. However I stick to IMR4895 in my .308 Milspec, M1As, Garands and 03s. It has served me well for 30 years and still does.
I have also developed loads for the M700 using 168 SMKs and 165 SBT Gamekings which shoot to the same point of impact. It seems easier for me to get those kind of results with Sierra bullets than other brands.
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I also load Varget for 175 SMK 44.4 gives me .25 moa when I can do my part, but it has always shot under .5 moa it is hard to beat varget in texas as it may be 30 one day then 100 the next.:rolleyes:
Trigger Puller,
Loading 44.4 grs. of Varget, are you seeing any pressure signs? I tried up to 45 grs. of Varget and was seeing flatten primers. Even with 42.5 grs.(where I settled with) I am still seeing slight flatten primers. 39.9 grs. shot pretty good but I want to go a little faster. At least 2600 or better. I have not chrono'd the load I'm shooting right now.

No pressure signs at all, I have loaded these @ 2.810 and I am getting 2775 out of a 24" shilen select match barrel. I am waiting on a Broughten for this rifle so will have to work up another load. I will start @ 38.6 and work up from there.
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