My daughter shooting

Clayne B

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Nov 15, 2011
Saratoga Springs, Ut
Took my daughter out shooting, She was doing really good. now that she has the concept of iron sights down I will start working with her on how to hold the rifle.

[ame=]Quinny shooting her .22lr - YouTube[/ame]
That's cool! I took my family out a couple weeks ago. My boy just eats shooting up. My daughter is showing interest, but can't do the scope very well. I am going to have to get her on the bipod or get her shooting her brothers Red Rider BB gun.
Thanks guys, She really likes going shooting with me. This was her first time shooting with iron sights, she is already pretty good with using a scope. here is a video i did last November

[ame=]22lr 185yards 4 year old shooting - YouTube[/ame]
Yeah its alot of fun

here is the video, i messed up and didnt copy paste it

[ame=]22lr 185yards 4 year old shooting - YouTube[/ame]
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