My Big one.

308 nate

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Jan 1, 2004
North Dakota
I just thought Id'e share some pix of the buck I took on opening day.
I realize it probably wouldn't be considered long range.I took him at 200 yds. And He went down without taking a step.
This is the biggest buck I have ever shot.
So naturally I was/am excited! He has a 21" spread and the main beams are 25" long!
with the longest spike being 10" long!

I used my .308 with a 168gr.nosler combined technology.
The .308 is a remingtom 700 action,sleeved bolt,tactical bolt handle,McMillan stock,pillar bedded with teflon coated barrel and action. all the work was done by myself. This gun was my guinea pig when I first started gunsmithing.And whenever I want to try something new I do it to this one first.The gun shoots very well and was prepared to take a 500yd. shot.
the dear was shot in the hills of North Dakota about 15 miles from my home.Pictures were taken at my home because I didn't take a camera with me.
enjoy the pix.




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Thanks for all the compliments!
Yes, it is a shame the cape is ruined. I had a split second to take the shot And took a neck shot because of his position and I decided I would like to spend the money on more guns instead of having a head mount.(plus I won't have the wall space until I finish building my house) of course I will mount the rack. And in the future I can always use the cape from another deer.
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