My big Mulie


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Dec 15, 2001
Hi guys,

Just wanted to share my success. I took this big guy at 823 yards. He measures 26" wide and 21" tall. This is my longest kill to date which about doubles the distance of my previous record.

I used my 338 Lapua Timberwolf, shooting 300 grain matchkings at 2760 fps. I used the Exbal program to get my elevation and windage adjustment which gave me a first shot kill exactly where my point of aim was. It was a double lung shot with a complete passthrough.


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nice buck where is the rest of it?

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The rest of it is in that cooler you see in the background. We had to pack it out, we were down a very steep canyon and couldn't drag the mulie out. The deer weighed around 250 lbs. So we quartered it out and got the meat off the ribcage and backpacked it out.

I forgot to bring my camera with me so I couldn't get any pictures until I got home, I was really bummed out.

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Shame on you...Dont you know NOT to use SMK's on game???? They simply dont work!!
..LOL...Nice buck, and terrific shot, my friend. I hope to do that well in NM in 2 weeks!!..sakofan..

What did he score, by the way?? 160ish??

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I haven't scored him, and wouldn't know where to begin. My friends said he would score around 165.

The 300 SMK dropped it like a log, it didn't even blink. I think it died of shock before the bullet even hit it when he noticed it was a Matchking comming his way.

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I big thanks goes out to Cam for helping me pack the deer out, I really appreciate all your help.

Here is another picture after we caped it out.
First off congrats on a great shot and a very nice buck. Second, it's always hard to tell from a photograph but I think your buck will go a little better than 165. Methinks your friends are being a little stingy on their guess. I'm not asking for an exact location but what part of the state did you find him in?
Central Utah mountains. Nobody gets off of any roads so if you are willing to look in the deep canyons you may just find a bruiser. I was on public hunting land.

How can I go about getting it scored?

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The hunt went perfect, I couldn't have asked for things to go better. He is a great trophy.
I lived in Utah for a looooooong time before moving to Montana. That buck of yours is very good for a public land hunt there. Especially good for central Utah. Heck, just finding any buck was a challenge by the time I moved over 10 years ago. Again my compliments to your overall success!
I measured everything and remeasured everything just like the website states and this is what it gave me:
Category: Mule deer
Minimum Scores: Awards 180 All-time 190
Greatest Spread: 25 3/8 inches
Total Deductions: 3 2/8 inches
Final Scores: 235
oops this is wrong, no laughing now

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crap I did something wrong, I measured all the antlers from the bases.

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