Pics From Colorado, My First Elk and Mulie

Dixie Bowfishing

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Mar 25, 2008
I haven't been on in a while and never posted my pics from Colorado. I ended up with a nice 6x6 elk and a 5x5 mulie on public land. I was shooting my 300 wsm loaded with 168 berger vlds. The elk stumbled in a circle for about two seconds then went down at over 400 yards and the mulie dropped in its tracks at just over 100 yards. The Berger VLD has completely won me over. Here are some pics, I will put some of the deer up later when I can get the card

Can't wait to see the mulie pics.
what part of colorado were you hunting.
I have hunted sheep herder MTN in colorado it's public land as well.
it is a job well done when you go fromn out of state and locate the game on public land and then get lucky enough to bag a nice 6x6 great job!!

Very nice. :) Glad to hear the bergers performed so well. I'm working up a load with the .308 185's currently.
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