Mama Bear bags Bullwinkle with her little Sako 75 308 :D


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Jul 13, 2009
Border City (on the poor side}:-()
My wife made a perfect shot today on this fabulous Moose. She was with my Dad & the kids when they called him in. I was in another location calling also. I heard the shot & knew we were in for a good day. I couldn't get over to them fast enough I was so excited.

Believe it or not, they had the caller on the roof of the truck, the kids were screaming & this big boy still came in to see what was going on. My wife made a perfect front shoulder shot with her little 308 Sako & 180gr Federal power point. One shot is all it took, it fell right where it stood.

I am very proud & excited for my wife. He is going to taste good this winter :)




Here is the recovered bullet. 159gr left. I should have cleaned it up a bit better, but for sure that old power point has over 150gr retained in it. No complaints here.


I think this was much better than turkey! Enjoy. :D
That is a really cool story, a bull moose coming to a call, while the kids are screaming and being capable of making the kill. Enjoy it a lot, and thanks for posting and sharing the story.
Thats awesome! Got any suggestions on how to get my wife to do something like that??!!!?? Congrats, nice bull, cool bullet pic too.
Congratualations to your wife. Judging from the pic with the's truelly a family affair. Doesn't get better than that. Great moose and nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
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