longrange elk gun - 338rum or 338/300rum in Savage


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Nov 4, 2003
South central Montana
I want to put together a longrange elk rifle on a budget. I would like to use a new Savage with the accutrigger for a starter. I've pretty much decided to go with a 338rum or 338/300rum, 338 lapua, or some comparable wildcat. I do handload and plan on using a muzzle brake. I have a Nightforce NXS scope off my 50bmg to use on this. Any ideas on the best way to go;
should i start with a savage in 338wm, or 300rum, 300wm? and just change barrels? any ideas here? Thanks

Personally I prefer the .300's, shooting 200 gr premium bullets at 3000 fps or more, over the .338's, only because it is my opinion that the heavier bullets available for the .338 are unnecessary until one begins shooting beyond 650 yards or so at elk. For ranges beyond 500 or so, I would prefer the RUM over the Win mag. I shoot a .300 launching 200 gr Accubonds at 2996 fps, and I use a brake.

What barrel length are you using on your 300 RUM.

That sounds like a very mild load from what I have seen with the 200 gr Accubond in my 26" 300 RUM which is playing real hard with the 3200 fps range with acceptible presures.

Course, if your rifle shoots best at that velocity, an extra 200 fps will not mean a great deal.

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)

I to get the 200 gr Accubond at 3150 -3200 fps with H1000 or RL-25 easly and with great accuracy.

I see you are headed down the .338 path I love my big 338's. If you want a project that won't break the bank I would suggest the 338 RUM, if you go 338-300 ultra dies will cost more and there is no factory loaded ammo available. I would stay away from the super mag bolt faces (338 lapua 333-378 etc) in the savage. Buy a Magnum Savage in an ultra mag so the magazine will hold the rounds, the 300 win mag, mag needs to be modified and rebarrel to the length, conture etc you want.


You say you would get the Savage in 300rum, and then just get a barrel in 338rum and rebarrel it, that way i'll have all the magizine length needed for loading close to the lands.
thats what I thought.

now, finding a Savage barrel in 338rum, may be tricky. Just have it custom made I suppose.

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Yes you can buy a big action but the length of the bullet will considerably eat up case capacity. I suggest milling out the back side of the magazine well like I did with my rem 700 got an extra .450 thou which should place me really close to the optimum set-up of only the boatail protruding into the case rather than a lengthy section of the shank taking up valuably capacity.
One problem however about milling out the magazine well; you must also remove this same amount from the bolt stop or add a side mounted bolt stop, you also need to make the sheet metal magazine well insert (remington only as I have not done this with other actions you may not have to in a Savage dont know) that much bigger and if you have a rifle with a bottom floor plate then your in for some machining time to machine a new floor plate to accept the bigger sheet metal piece.
This may be all to much for a suggestion but it allows you the most case capacity because your bullet can be set longer in the case netting you optimum case capacity.
By milling the action you also arent stuck with a single shot rifle.
You would be best off with a savage already chambered for an ultra mag. This way you won't have to swap out the bolt head. You can order a Savage barrel in 338RUM with a magnum contour and swap it out directly (from savagepart.com) or order a pre-fit barrel from Pac-Nor and do the switch barrel dance.

The route I'm taking now is with a pre-accutrigger that I bought from Bass Pro for $299. The gun already shoots great but I can't be stopped. I trued the action and put on some goodies from SharpShooters supply. I'm ordering a Pac-Nor Sendero contour fluted 338 RUM with a short throat so that I can load to the lands without exceeding 3.600 COAL that the mag box restricts me to. Finally an A5 stock from Mcmillan. Like I've said many times before, I won't need anymore guns after this. Honest.


The above responses are absolutly correct. The standard throat cut in 338 RUM will be to long to get to the lands and still fit in the box mag. You will either have shorten the throat (but this usually limits you from shooting factory ammo in it) or lengthen the box mag (will require some machining and smith work) or single shot it. I of course being a smith would extend the box, but most people are just as well served with a single shot. If you single it I recommend just using a temp single shot follower so you don't ruin your switch barrel capability.

Can you chamber a 338 Lapua in a Savage action and still be a repeater? Shawn, what do you think? Too much of a hassle or what? What caliber/model would you buy to use as a base gun?
I understand that the bolt body can be modified to accept the super mag boltface I am going to look at one today to see. I've had others interested in the Lapua conversion on the savage. I have built several Remington M700's (of course) in 338 Lapua that were repeaters 2+1.
looks like i'm going with a Savage. Now where would i get a 338rum or 338Edge barrel with a good effective muzzle brake? Price? What contour and length would you recomend?
I would look at the 30" length with a muzzle daimeter of .750 to .950. I don't know what your projected weight is but if it is not an issue I have built a lot of 338 Edges with the streight taper to a .950. I cut most brakes integeral to the blank, but can always add one on if that is your preference. Most shooters claim that my style of break in a 14 lb rifle is about like their PSS in 308. Makes a mild shooter. I shot 50 rounds through one at a dynamite shoot in 1 hour once. I use a lot of hart barrels and that would also be my recommendation. 30" barrel with brake, installed ready to rock would run around 725.00 fluting would be extra.
Beararms.com has a Remington 300 Ultra Mag with a leupold vxII on it. Its all brand new with a sling for $599.
The 300 RUM is not listed under that web site at all for sale. Your infoe is incorrect, besides, you cannot touch a rem 700 for under 600 w/o a scope!
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