Long range whitetail gun 300 WBY


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Dec 3, 2002
Bridgeville, PA
Remington 700 SS trued and lapped
26" SS Krieger barrel, 1:10" twist, 4 groove, 6 flutes
McMillan Sako Varmint white/black marble stock
Leupold 6.5x20x50 LR

I will be using Norma brass. Will be trying SMK 220, JLK 210 and Berger 210 Any suggestions on powder would be appreciated. If anyone has any load data for the bullets that I listed would be appreciated.
Think you made an excellant choice in caliber and setup.

You will find several good powders to try, but one of the best is norma MRP, if you can find any quantitiy of it. The most consistent from lot to lot of powders for that size case. Only comes into Graf and Sons once a year from Norma and several guys have standing orders for 40-100 lbs each year.

As far as bullets go, think I would really watch the 210 Bergers. Understand a lot of bad jacket 210s got out last year. Would spend most of my effort on the other two bullets first.

Good luck


In MY 300 Weatherby's for 1000 yd shooting at Williamsport, they seem to like the Reloader 22 and H4831 SC the best.

75 gr to 77 gr of either seems to work best in "MY" rifles. In my 30" barrels the velocity seems to stay between 3000 and 3040FPS with the 220 Gr SMK and the loads mentioned.

AS usual, I take NO responsibility for loads in your rifle that I use in mine.

Good choices--Does it look something like this?
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