Long Range shooting "Reloading Video"

Greg Duerr

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Mar 25, 2011
Reno, Nevada
I bought the LRH Reloading video and realized that I have a lot to learn. Bullet seating depth? I had had to watch it three times stil confused. The ogive to base measurement can be different. Also I realized that A-max bullets can very a lot in weight, were as the Bergers are pretty much dead on .................So, when seating bullets so they are .010 off the lands each bullet can be different becasue of the ogive differences. One bullet is .010 off and the next even though no changes have been made to the seatiing die can be .020 off. So is this right or am I confussed? In the video he adusted his seating die for each bullet so that they were all .010 off the lands.........................
Plus I realized that my old calibers are cheap, $20 and get insonsistent measurments.................Good equiipment equals good accurate consistent reloads........................
in the past I was real skeptical about the shots you guys made at the long distances ................But know im realizing that there is so much more out there than just seating primes dropping powder and seating bullets...............

Were you watching Shawn Carlock's video on reloading for long range hunting? I got his video collection for Christmas and just about wore them out already. He has some operations on there that I never even thought of. Like measuring every round to get it right with the ogive. I always set the seating die with the first five rounds and went with it. I also measured about every 10 rounds after setting the die and always not where I thought it would be. After watching his video, I now set the die to where it seats the bullet about .008 off of my target depth. Seat all bullets then go back through and seat them to where I want them by adjusting the die. ( I purchsed micrometer dies long time ago).

I have found that doing this operation, my groups have closed up. Instead of getting 1/2 moa at 200 yds, now I can get 5 rounds touching at 200 yds.

I always thought that the different trim lengths were the problem for different OAL. But come to find out that the ogive's could be off. I am also shooting 175 SMK's.

+1 Cornchuck,

I was suprised also with the very tight SD on FPS that Shawn didn't uniform primer pockets or deburr flashholes. I would think that would have a pretty big effect on the powder burn and thus the velocity.

He also didn't think that neck turning helped him. I have a buddy who is a Ranger sniper and he turns necks on most brass, really got his eyebrows to raise when I hold him it didn't help him:D

But, the video does give a bunch of practical help and a place to start. So I have a plan and will work the reloads and see where it leads.

Shawn Carlock owns Defensive Edge. Where he is a gunsmith and long range shooting instructor. You can get them at defensiveedge.net. He also has long range shooting videos. They are all really good videos.


you can get this video right here on the LRH site at the store, Len B. will be happy to ship it and fast too.

Support those that give you support I always say.

Shawn is a a very sharp long range shooter of world class. He is also a great guy. His rifles are top notch, His videos are the real deal. They are not made for typical entertainment of hunters. Its a real learning experience with actual footage in all videos. Top Notch Video from a real pro.
Have any of you checked bullet run out and how bullet run out affects group size.................I dont have a tool the check that but will in the next month..............Sure makes you feel good when your groups get under .5

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