?? long range Lever Gun??


Feb 16, 2002
The idea is to take a 30-30 or 444 or 45-70 and install a barrel of 26, 28 or 30 inchs. this would be done on a marlin lever acton.

The goal is not truely a long range hunting gun but to improve accuracy and energy out to 300, to maybe a max of 500 yards with a lever gun. for hunting deer, antlope, and maybe black bear. I know the accuracy could be there for 500 yard shoots but maybe not the retained energy to make the best clean kills at that range.

would like some feed back on the idea and any ideas on a good gunsmith that works on lever guns. I know with the long range black powder silhouette and cowboy shooting some one is working on long barrled lever guns.

thanks for the help

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Why not one in .35 Remington instead of .30-30 Win?I'm not a big fan of a .30-30 but I love the .35.Just a suggestion.
For LR, I would look at the 45-70. No brainer to get this to shoot way out past 500yds. Just look at the Black powder Silhouette game.

The big block with the lever actions is that you have to use a flat nose bullet if feeding from the mag. Not good for BC. If you don't mind single feeding then the better spire points now available will work well.

Just get someone to screw on the same type of barrel and chamber used in the sharps type rifles and have at it. The twist, and rifling should cater to cast bullets.

Lee has some nice looking new designs and even has one that can accept gas checks. Probably designed for the 458 Win mag but would work great in the 45-70 at higher vel and smokeless powder.

Of course, there are lots of shooters using 40cal and 38 cal so these Black powder style cartridges will also work well. Get the heaviest, pointy bullet you can.

If just plinking, then the 30 cal will also work. If also using for hunting, 40cal and bigger.

Good luck..

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