Long range coyote rifle?


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Oct 24, 2003
Colfax, WA
I was begining to ponder this question when I stumbled on to this site. Seems there are lots of info to be had on these pages.I need a rifle solely for coyotes out to 500 yards. The ability to buck wind is of major concern.I would like a factory cartridge that later could be Improved.
If by factory you mean that you do not reload, I would suggest either the .223 or the .308. The .223 can pretty well to 500 yards, but the .308 with the heavier bullets would be better in the wind.

Personally I would go with the .308 for versatility and the readily available match grade ammo. It will easily be effective out to and beyond 500 yards on coyotes and even larger game with match ammo shooting Sierra Matchkings.
I should have been more clear. I do reload but I am not ready to takle a wildcat round right now. I already own a Ruger 22-250 but would like to have a little more bullet after 300 yards. I do alot of hunting in the wheat fields and usualy the ranges are 300 and beyond. I also own a 7mmRM but believe that is a little much for coyotes.

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a SAVAGE 110 varmint with an aftr market barrel in 6.5/06 and 123 gr Lapua shoot as lazer beam at 500 yards

good shooting

In stock calibers the 25-05 or the new 270 WSM. I am finding the 270 WSM to be nice caliber. It will reach out and touch stuff.

Load data for 90 and 100 grn bullets over 3600. Using a speer HP 90 pushing 3780 would put a hurting on a Yote. Dual purpose that it would still work for white tail and elk with the heavy bullet selection.

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This is the perfect excuse to buy a .25-06 or a 243. Either will give you excellent downrange ballistics to 500 yards. The Winchester AModel 70 Coyote in 243, 308, or any WSM would be the perfect blend for a coyote calling rifle. I'd lean toward the 25-06 myself.
Dave in Idaho
I think the guys have missed the boat here...

you say you reload.. but you want a cartridge to improve upon later...

you're looking for a LR Coyote rig with bullets that can buck some wind to 500 yards...

here ya go....

243 shooting 107 sierras or 105 Bergers
to be a 243 AI later on..

if you want 243AI perfrmance now

6mm Remington shooting the 107 sierras or 105 Bergers

to improves to a 6mmAI later ( i have one now and OH MAN!!! a 800 yard Coyote Rifle easy!!)

260 Rem.. shooting a variety of bullets 120 gr may be as big as you want for Yotes...

I would seriously consider the 243 or 6mm!!!
I agree with WyoWhisper. For your application the 6MMs would be hard to beat. Bullet selection, cartridge efficiency, low recoil, all add up to a fine medium range prairie wolf hammer.

Reloading costs are moderate when using popular calibres such as 6MM, .308, etc. This becomes important as you will be shooting a lot.

Having said all that, I shoot a 25/06 and prefer it.

Of course, I joined the Army during the draft too, so ....
Don't overlook a 257 Roberts. It's good as-is, & even better improved....... A 6mm does have a better selection of bullets to choose from though.
Yeah. i agree with Wyo. the 6mm Rem. or AI version is an excellent choice, and that looong neck makes it a little easier to work with regarding flexibility of bullet selection. Do a search and look at some of the postings regarding the groups these guys are getting with that case.

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You didn't mention that you're after fur so I'll assume you're out to lessen coyote depredation on game type critters.

When it's really windy, say over 20 mph, in my book the 7 Mag w/ the 162 Amax can't be beat.

Winds of 10 to 20; the .243 w/ an 80 grain or the .308 w/ the 155 Amax are good to 500. Heavier is better in the .243 if your rifle shoots them; mine like the 100 grain Remington bulk bullets, I like the price.

Less than 10 mph, and ranges expected to be less than 250, the .223 and 50 gr SPs. Have tried the 68 and 75 grain .224s in the .223 w/ 1 in 9" twist, but with hits at 400 yards plus, it's been my experience that too many run off. Fox, okay; coyotes, no.

For me, the .223 works fine in the early part of the season; as they wise up, the .223 just doesn't cut it. My wife calls them in close, and loves her M70 Fwt in .223. We do the "drop and drive" a lot; I get the long shots, she gets them up close.

Without more info, my advice would be to go with your 7 Mag and the 162 Amax. You'd be very hard pressed to improve on it. I've not taken any past 600 w/ my Sendero yet, but have come very, very close. And close on a suspicious, walking, 900 yard coyote is quite satisfying, believe me.

Don't know why I'm weighing in on this discussion, as I'm new here, and no expert. This is quite a forum; I've learned a lot just nosin' around the last year or so. Thanks!
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