Long Range 7mm Rem Mag


Sep 8, 2009
Hello all. New guy to the site looking for some good information. I have been pondering the fact of building a long range rifle for quite some time now and have finally decided to go ahead and do it.

I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject and decided on the basics. I want to start with a stevens model 200 long action, get a shilen barrel chambered in 7mm rem mag, replace the trigger, and stock. Now all I need is advice on the barrel twist and chambering specs. I am a avid reloader and hunter just looking to expand my range as far as possible.

First off with the rifling twist. Which twist would be best for use of the berger 168 or 180 gr. Vld bullets. I was thinking 1-9" twist but looking for opinions of all who have experience with this caliber for long range.

Second, chambering. Shilen has 3 chamberings available for this caliber. 7mm Rem mag- 7mm Rem mag (.315" nk)-7mm Rem mag (.312" nk). My concern is. The tighter neck is it worth all the trouble of the extra prep time in the means of accuracy. Does anyone have experience with these chamberings? Which would be most accurate.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated. I must say from all the posts I have read up to date I have learned a lot of valuable information that I will keep for ever.


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1 in 9 will be fine for both. Can't help with the neck though. My 7mm mag is not a tight neck and it shoots fine. I have had no experience with tight necks so hopefully someone else will chime in.

Welcome to LRH, this is a great website with lots of info and good people. The 7Mag is a great round for your endeavor and I have owned several over the years. It is easy to load for and all of the rifles I've had seemed to perform best at the upper end; near, at, or a tad over the max listing.
With a custom barrel, I'd go with the 1-9 twist. Berger recommends this up to and including the 180gn VLD's. I have never tried these so I'm going off the Berger website (www.bergerbullets.com) recommendation.
As for the neck, I'd go with the standard. I don't think the extra fuss of outside neck turning will give you an advantage in the accuracy department. All the factory barreled 7Mag rifles that I have shot could produce sub 1/2" groups with good reloads. The majority were tighter than that. It would make shooting factory ammo possible if need be. JohnnyK.
OK then its a standard chambering with a 1-9" twist barrel. Thanks for the responses and the welcoming.

I would go with a rem 700 action but I can get a stevens 200 rifle for $253.00 compared to a rem 700 sps (cheapest Rem 700) for $500.00. I am trying to keep the rifle build around $1000.00. Even if i was to find a good used 700 long action it would still cost me more than the stevens rifle.


USAS I did the same thing you are doing. 7mm mag off of a stevens 200 action, pac nor 28" barrel, rifle basics trigger, aftermarket stock and so on and so on. I ordered mine with a 1-9 twist 5 groove and it loves the 168s. standard neck seems to work fine for me (3/8 groups). Id love to hear how it turns out. Caution though its addicting building these.
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