Long Range Tikka T3 7mm Rem Mag.

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    Jun 9, 2012
    well after having a tikka 270 win that shot very well out to 550+ I thought I couldn't do much wrong and got my self a 7mm rem mag for LR Hunting and target shooting. at just 850$ this thing shoots .6 moa at 100, shooting the 168 gr Classic hunter at 3030fps

    tikka 7mm 007.jpg

    tikka 7mm 003.jpg

    tikka 7mm 004.jpg

    tikka 7mm 005.jpg

    7mm 011.jpg
    first time out fare at 638 yds. after finding the zero after just one shot I was on target and shooting well
    and even at 800 I got the last 2 shots on a 20inc steel disc