LoadBase 3.0 with (Spin Drift) PC&PDA Ballistic Program

Gents, I have to admit I got excited about the SF (Stability Factor) number
in yellow. And how LB uses that once calculated number to automatically
calculate a New SF Value based on the new field conditions to calculate the spin drift.

This means we don't have to deal with it anymore for the setup we're using.
Once you enter your zero-in info with conditions and all, when you move to
the moon or any other planet, just enter those new conditions in the field values and LB will adjust the SF value based on the new field conditions to calculate
the spin drift and put it all in one plate having you not to worry about it.

I'm not sure if I explained my self clearly but I did expect many of the users
to really appreciate how a great thing this is.
Eaglet- I'm slow to comprehend and catch on so please forgive me for not reading this entire thread. Once " I get it" though, "I've got it". Hopefully my questions save others some aggravation when selecting software. As your answers were straight to the point.:) Thank You again!!

Phorwath- I think anyone reading the last few pages will see what I find as short comings in Exbal. FFS and LB are similar (in my estimation) in the "field shot set up". FFS does not offer a "suite" of software in comparison to LB. That, along with what appears to be a clearly thought method of putting all valid shooting info in one place instead of three is what is selling me. It also seems to be asking (best I can tell anyway) for very good info in which to base future calcs on. I cannot say that I'm completely confident w/ Exbal based on what I've posted. What I've posted is based on using it now for a few weeks and understanding how to use it. All my claims of what Exbal can and cannot do have been confirmed by it's author. I believe it's useful for some, but I also feel LB will do a better job of pulling it all together and maintaining information for the shooter who wants to account for every possible margin of error they possibly can. I will be purchasing LB 3.0 shortly. I will also tell "Gus" that he owes you two a beer or coffee. I also owe you both the same. My original licensed copy of Exbal will be for sale soon in the "for sale" section as long as it's legal for me to do.

If you'd like I'll post some sort of comparison first hand on what I see the differences are between LB and Exbal. I did use the trial copy of FFS prior to purchasing Exbal so I can speak a little to the workings of that program as well. I did not care for the method of determining your "DK". I feel that gathering info at that distance will include as much error as it can compensate for. The reason I didn't go with FFS to begin with is due to the large following of Exbal. I also made assumptions on it's workings. I thought "if this many people are using it than it must be the best". It may be for some but I'm not "some". I think it is selected by many for the reasons lemmings follow each other over a cliff and I'm guilty of being a lemming here.

Good night fellas:).
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I got an E-mail that has some feed back in reference to what we have
been talking about.

[FONT=&quot]1) ...I was using the .338LM on the ranges last week out to 1200m and the 'come ups' that LB3 calculated were spot on. Also, the after sale support is second to none. No other software is comparable, both in accuracy and functionality.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]2) ...LB3 had my .243 spot on at 1437 meters last week...for the first shot! I was very impressed as this was an incline shoot as well. Compared to what Exbal and FFS predicted, both were off by at least 3 MOA.[/FONT]

This is what I've been talking about. You long range shooters will find out
sooner or later how real LB3.0 is. This is the reason I get excited.
First I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to share their knowledge with beginners like me. I am very interested in learning everything I can about long range shooting.

With that said, it looks like most everyone thinks that LoadBase 3.0 is the BEST ballistic software available. I assume that Sierra Infinity V6 and Dexadine Ballistic Explorer 6.4.0 simply do not measure up to LoadBase 3.0. Is that correct?

Also, could anyone give me some pointers as to what other equipment I will need to become a proficient long range shooter.

PDA or Pocket PC?

Weather Meter?

Range Finder?


First of all, Welcome to the site White Mule!! As far as the software I've only really compared the portable versions. For the portable versions IMO LoadBase is the only way to go if you really want to eliminate as many variables as possible as quickly as possible. As for gathering the tools you need, I'd post in the "starting out" section with this question and you'll get a much better response from a lot more people. Fire those questions away there and you'll get plenty of help! You do have a good short list started there but nothing replaces time spent shooting.
Muzzle Velocity/Air Temperature Regression Tab

At first you think is a little complicated but then you gratefully find out that is really easy to use it and once again is a tremendous addition to LB3.0 that makes it even so much more superior than other products.

Here is my version of how to use it; you'll get even more info. (more technical information) when you get the manual that is in beta form as we speak.


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Eaglet- Thanks for posting this! I'm sure later this year or the beginning of next I'll forget you posted it and be looking for it. I'm not going to implement the upgrade until after hunting season because it wipes out your existing data.I won't have time for data collection before season. I was worried that the temp/powder thing would actual cause you to use increased velocities for higher temps some how as opposed to lower. I use some "extreme" powder (H4831SC) and it reacts opposite of what you think. The hotter it gets, the lower my velocities are and cooler/ faster. I've seen this over two lots of this powder but I see GUS has me covered. I've gotta figure out how to mail him a cold beer or a hot coffee!
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I forgot to add one thing. The latest version of LB3 mobile will allow you to use the same files on you PC with the soon to be release LB# desk top version. NO MORE DOUBLE DATA ENTRY!
Eaglet and jmason,

I was wondering how to use the temp/MV feature. Now I can start playing with it. I'll be looking forward to receiving the updated user's manual. It's a long winter up here and I'll spend some of it tinkering with Patagonia's upgraded LoadBase Ballistic software.

Good to have guys like you sharing your experiences on this Forum.
As an active code monkey, he's probably a caffeine junkie. I'd suggest a 6-pack of energy drinks.

Red Bull gives you wings!

Roger that! Gus once worked from 12:30 to 4:30 AM (his time zone) in order to prepare a fix (patch) for my VGA display on my Dell Axim X51V. He said it was part of his commitment to supporting users of the software. Even at that time of the morning he got it right and I was up and running again. Excellent!
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