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  • Bryan, in regards to this thread:


    What is the affect of barrel length on the SG / G1 values?
    I am working on a new build and am seriously considering to build it around 210gr LRAB bullet. Based on the chart, a 1-10" twist was only 0.02 away from hitting the 1.5 SG number you say is needed to consider the bullet "stabilized". Because a 1-10" twist seems to be the gold standard for .300WMs and heavy bullets, I am thinking about building it with this twist rate, in a 24" barrel. Your thoughts?
    Hi Sir
    I am sorry to disturb you. I am a french LR shooter. I made a 22-250 custom rifle from a R700 action with a lothar walther barrel with a twist rate of 6". I intended to shoot Berger 90 gr VLD at high speed for long range. I do shoot them at 950 m/s but I get troubles: many of these bullets don't reach the target, even at close range such as 100m. I saw one of them splattered all over the target. I believe maybe the bullet donesn't withstand the very strong spin (around 370,000 rpm according to my calculation). Do you know if these bullets can hold such a spin without blowing up? Or am I wrong and my bullets missing the target come from another cause?
    thank you for helping me.
    I also owe a 222RM twist 6,5 shooting 90gr at 830 m/s and this rifle is the most precise of all (5 shots in a quarter dollar coin at 200m) (but spin is only 300,000 rpm in this case).
    Hey Bryan,
    I'm needing your opinion about correct twist rate for 2 barrels I'm wanting to order. I'm interested in the 26 and 28 nosler and I'm unsure about the best twist rate. In both calibers, I'll be loading the heaviest boattails for hunting and long range shooting. Also, I'm thinking about going with krieger barrels. Since I'm aiming to shoot both the 26 and 28 nosler at or over 3300 fps, what groove and twist would you suggest I get? I have heard that a fast twist shooting the big bullets at speeds over 3100 fps can tear a bullet apart, is this correct? Thanks in advance for your time.
    Matt (bouieboy)
    Hello Bryan

    Laurens here from Oz

    Can I ask you some Q on the 300 NM ?

    I want to try out some loads using 215 bergs had good results with the 230 using H1000 84.1 av 2913 fps and want to try out H1000 87.7 with the 215 to see if it shoots a little better.

    My rig is a stiller action repeater 1:9 26" heavy profile in a manner A 4 stock

    Did try out 230 with H1000 @ 85.5 but pressure signs where there and at lest 10 cases now not reloadable due to large primer pockets after 2 reloads !

    If you could share some wise words that would be great mate.

    Currently my 230 are about 5 thou of the lands approx +


    I using a Berger 180VLD and the G7 calcs. My dope is only good out to 785 but when I try to use the callibration, my first field is not within the parameters. Can they be adjusted? Thanks for any help!

    Can you give me a reccomendation for a .243 bullet for a 1-10 twist barrel. It seems like all of the bullets with a reasonably high BC seem to want a faster twist. Having trouble finding a good bullet for my step daughters rifle!

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