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7mm mag sendero

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Nov 23, 2009
I need some help from you all,I'm shooting a 7 rem mag but i haven't found a good load!!!.I will be shooting from 100yds out to 1k any ideas on a good round?? thank you for all your expertise
You should try - 168gr MK and 64+grs of H4831 and a 9 1/2 Mag rem primer for targets.

For hunting use the 160gr Accubond and the H4831 or H4831sc.

Start low and work up.

rl22 66gr nosler brass fed gold medal lg rifle primer,this load has shoot well in 2 rifles one a factory sendero and semi custom sendero, 3040 fps in 26",3135 fps out of the 30" krieger using 168 bergers seated 10 thou in the lands. Hope this helps.
Well thank you all for the input i will try all your input.by the way this is my first rifle build so im still learning alot if any of you have any other input about anything i sure would like to here it!!! :)
i have two 7mm senderos. both shoot real good. i use nosler brass, 168 berger, 63 of re 19. but they shoot everything good to great. have you adjusted the trigger? and a muzzle break helps me a lot.
What have you tried so far?

My 7 mag loves RL-22 with any bullet I put in it. Haven't really messed with to many other powders besides Retumbo. Retumbo definately showed a velocity increase, but not as good accuracy wise. I didn't mess with it to much though as RL22 shot 1/2 MOA with at least 6-7 bullets.

My 7 RM is just a rem 700 BDL custom deluxe w/holland brake and trigger work w/leupold 6-18 w/turrets. Nothing special, but it shoots ridiculously well for a factory sporter...
I have been useing the BOTW costum ammo 168gr bergers.but for $70 a box there got to be something cheaper!!
I have all equiptment to reload and if i can build a round of 20 cheaper that would be grate
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you don't need 168 berger unless you shooting 600 yards or 1000 . i have had great success out to 600 with 139 horn and h-4831, like i said my big groups are 1" . i have shot 140 accu bond and 140 partitons too around 69.5 grain of h-4831. cci 250 wlrm or 9 and 1/2m primers.
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