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Jan 13, 2003
What is the story behind the Leupold 8.5 x 25x 40 scope? All I can find listed anywhere is for the 50mm objective. Did they quit making the 40mm version? I think I can work out a trade for a 40mm version, I just would like to have some opinions on it before I trade! I have not seen it but it is supposed to be NIB. How old is this scope?
I hate to post this is two forumsm but I really need to know what I am getting here. If this is a good scope, I need to make this deal today if possible!

The 40mm is not near as bright as the 50mm and I do believe they quit making the 8 1/2X to 25X 40mm.

If the price was right it may be a good scope for you and the warrenty would be good for life.

The 50mm model is around $650.00 to $700.00

Ive got 6.5x20 x 40 leupold on a couple of my guns already. This one will be on a sendero in 300 ultra mag and only used for long range targets and hunting. It wil not be a "carry" gun. The guy is wanting $550 for it in cash and trade. It is NIB, in your opinion, is it worth that, or should I hold out for one of the 50mm tubes?
$550 is what they sold for when they were new. I believe they discontinued them last year. $500 would be tops for me, IF I wanted the scope. I would hold out for a LR 30mm tube model, as they can be had for $500-575 used in great shape. There are everal 6.5-20x50 LRT models for sale on different boards out there right now for under $625...Don't restrict yourself to the 8.5-25, as the 6.5-20 has plenty of magnification for big game hunting... http://www.longrangehunting.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=9&t=000415
Here's on for $580--its silver, but a great deal, nonetheless..

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