Leupold mark 4 vs huskemaw


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Aug 21, 2008
Forks, Wa
i have a Leupold mark 4 4.5x14 on my custom 338RUM...i use custom kenton turrets on it...Wondering if the huskemaw is better with their dials, or are they the same...i know the reticle is different... to me the principle is the same but is huskemaw system better and more accurate...should i stay with what I have or upgrade? thankyou gun)
I don't own either but looked at both recently and the Huskemaw seems like a steep downgrade to me from the Mark 4?
I've found the opposite, The huskemaw looks clearer to me than the Mark 4 but everyone's eyes are different. The huskemaw comes with 1/3 moa turrets rather than the mark 4's 1/4 moa so that's something to consider. For my money I'd go with the huskemaw. You get a regular turret that's marked in moa's and 1 that you can have marked with a specific load. To me it's win win. Also the huskemaw specific load turret has a zero stop.

The only advantage the Leupold has is their external lens coatings which are excellent and the reticle choices. If youre the person who uses the reticle as you're elevation correction then go with the Leupy.

that's my 2 cents.
Dang, I was hoping to learn more from this question(post). Ive shot the Huskemaw once before and was impressed, but never shot a Leupold at ''long''distance with adjustable turrets.
I love leupold scopes, and own a few, but this is a great question. Boman had some good input. Sorry I cant be more help,but Id like more info on this one too. Thanks for the question Ultramag45. Hopefully there are more replies
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The scopes are different. You would need to consider a 6.5-20 in the Mark 4 to do more of an apples to apples comparison.
I have, like, and use both:)
The Huskemaw is more slim-line than the Mark 4 with its turret length and is shorter in length than the Leupy.
The Mark 4 has more internal adjustment horizontally than the Huskemaw. For hunting that is not important, but of the other styles of shooting, I wish the Huskemaw had more internal adj for wind.
I will be stretching out the Huskemaw beyond 1K with the 338AX in the future.
I have been shooting 4-shot groups at 100 yard so far that are average sub 1/2 MOA from a bi-pod with my center-grip XP-100 specialty pistol (hunting trigger weight). I have the scope moved back as far as possible which leaves the ocular or the back of the scope more unsupported than would typically be the case with a rifle set-up. The Huskemaw is tracking well and holding zero perfectly

I have shot out to 1800 yards before with a couple of Leupold's with satisfaction.
For field use, I think the Huskemaw has an advantage speed wise for playing with multiple steel targets, since you dial distance and the wind is right there on the turret too, compared to a Kenton on a Leupold.
I also like the Huskemaw better for the reticle design for quick wind doping.

When it comes down to it, get what you desire.
Choose the one that has the features you want and like.
You will find people that will say one brand is junk, and then you will find another group that goes the other way.
Of course, you will find another group that will say both are junk and you need to buy brand "X" (what ever "X" happens to be for them).

I haven't listed all the features of each optic, but some that stood out to me quickly.
I do not have a Mark 4 but I do have 2 Huskemaw's. I could not be more pleased with them they perform exactly as advertized. For me the big selling point was the reticle, I cosider it leaps and bounds more advanced and user freindly in the field. It would be interesting to have 2 exact rifles set up the same one with the Mark 4 and the other with the Huskymaw.
does huskamaw offer turrets for different elevation say your hunting several states with the same gun maybe 3,000 ft to 10,000 ft and if so how much do you spend for each one? I can see the speed advantage to the dial & shoot but the bullistic programs you will find enough of a difference at distance to miss or wound if elevations are not considered?
I guess what i was after more is...is there any difference in the accuracy between the two.... i get a pretty good rate on Leupys and if there wasnt any difference I would stay with them. The Kenton Dial has exactly the same info as the LongRange Store for the huskemaw. right down to the exact number of clicks... A dial is a dial correct!!!!! IF I am not mistaken, didnt Best of the West start out with Leupys and Kenton dials..... I agree with the windage reticle being alot quicker.. Ernie have you shot your 338AX out to say 800ish with your huskemaw...Decent grouping.....Just curious..thanks guys keep the answers cominggun)
Ernie have you shot your 338AX out to say 800ish with your huskemaw...Decent grouping.....Just curious..thanks guys keep the answers cominggun)

Sorry, I misunderstood your request.
I have not shot the 338AX beyond 100 yards yet.
I have been picking loads-Not even done load development yet, and shot my first ten shot string with no cleaning in between this past Friday. A buddy of mine shot the other five.
I will stretch the AX out to 800 and beyond with the Huskemaw.
In fact, I am currently planning on using the Huskemaw on my XP (not the 338 AX) for the International Tactical Rifleman's Championship come this August.
My team-mate and I have a personal goal of being in the top 10.
I"d like to plug Ernie's review on the Huskemaw scope as well. It's very well done and very in depth. Give it a good read.
The Huskemaw holds zero very well - tracks very well - it's as accurate as the rifle/shooter. I have only used the Huskemaw one year (3 Kills -elk, deer and sheep) and in my opinion - to answer your question - it is accurate. They do offer as many turrets as your pocket book can stand. They were advertising 2 turrets with a purchase of new scope recently. Having used Leupold and Swarovski for many many years - the Huskemaw is as accurate as any Leupolds that I have had and far surpass the Swaros in tracking ability. The only thing I have found wrong with the Huskemaw is that it doesn't turn back to your zero setting automatically. From that you may assume that I'm an old codger and have used the hold over reticles way too long - And you'd be right. I have been to their shop and their office and I have no negative comments on their service, customer relations or quality of their products. As far as clarity comparison - too close to call any one way - I think if 10 guys gave you an opinion you might get way more than a couple of answers. Mine has been on a horse/mule for at least 30 days since Sept. and it's dead on after checking it a number of times. They work fine. Be more than happy to give you any further 2 cent opinions if you have any more questions. And yes I have shot mine out to 1000 yds. more than once.
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