Leupold Long range base?


Sep 8, 2001
Hello all,
I just received a Leupold M700 short action "long range" base from Midway. I already have a standard base and When I compare the two I cant see any difference. I checked the dimensions front and rear expecting to see at least some taper compared to the standard base but they measure exactly the same from the point where the bottom of the rings seat to the radius that mounts on the action. What gives?Am I missing something here??
Thanks in advance.
It has me confused??? Give Leupold a call and talk to the tech folks. IFDM please post their response here afterwards.

I buy my long range bases from Bruce Baer,
(717) 349-4077. These are the exact bases
that Nightforce sells (Bruce makes them for
Nightforce). They are more expensive than
the Leupolds, but they are worth the extra money. He sells both one and two piece bases.

The new lr base in Sinclair does seem like a good deal. I just don't like paying 75 to 100 bucks for a small chunk of metal. I do some work in the machine shop at the company I work for and believe me, making those things isn't rocket science. Charging $100 for one of them is awfully high. I will be ordering the new one from Sinclair in a few days and will let you fellas know how it looks.
FYI, Sinclair has a one piece Leupold Long Range Base that adds 20 MOA and uses standard rings for $19.95. Part #L51732 Rem Long Action, and #L51734 Rem Short Acction. They have also began carring Ken Farrell Long-Range Bases in one and two piece. They will add 20MOA. More Farrell products are offered on their website: www.kenfarrell.com. They are very high quality products priced under $50. Shipping is free too. I installed two of their one piece bases on a Rem 700 and a 98 Mauser, perfect fit. Will order from them again.
I bought one of the Leupold 1 piece long range short action bases back when they first came out. Mine had the rear portion thicker and properly tapered but the front portion was exactly the same as the standard base, which caused a problem. The rings would not even come close to being parallel and there was no way to lap them enough to correct the alignment problem.
They might have fixed the problem in the mean time, but I went ahead and spent the money for an alternate solution and tossed the Leupold base in the back of my closet.
Hey everyone,
Sorry its taken so long for me to get back,been hunting and stuff.
I called Leupold yesterday and they said the same thing,there should be .015 difference from in thickness at the rear of the base. Said to send it in to their cust svc. dept. Called Midway too and they said send it back for an exchange.Figure Midway might be the fastest.
Buy the way they were only 17 bucks or so.And I measured them with a good proven set of calipers because the radius on the bottom won't let me get a good reading with mic's.I do have a tubing mic I guess I should try to make it "official".
Thanks for all the help!!!
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