long range base


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Mar 17, 2002

Has any one used one of these bases?
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You can get them through Harbor Engineering
it has 1000 MOA of elevation and 200 MOA for windage he also makes a smaller version 250 MOA for elevation and 0 windage.
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I looked at the 250 MOA unit last week, nice, but I doubt I'd ever make use of the rest on my NXS. Stretched it to 1500 yards last night at 43 MOA, so it looks like a mile is no problem with it zeroed 20 MOA off the bottom. 1500 is a long **** way to keep 'em on paper... in perfect conditions. I just think of Tim and his 10" group at over a mile!
Must have been one real nice evening there!
I was there when Tim shot that group and it was a nice evening to shoot. We shot the mile 3 weeks ago in Iowa in some less than perfect conditions. We had 15 to 25 MPH winds, I took 1st in group with a 25.437 and Tim was 1st in score with a 38
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I almost forgot you guys still get some sighters first, but still, in those winds that is some very awesome shooting! Congrats! Are you guys just shooting 5, or is it 10, or depends on the weight class still?

I thought 1200 yards was bad, 1500 seemed twice as difficult at 1000, I can only imagine 1760 is a super challenge. Without any sighters, it seems like it would simply take years of practice out that far to get anywhere close to proficient. I imagine the precision with which one can concievably judge wind has a limit, but it does get easier all the time the more I practice in various conditions. Where exactly it gets so difficult one can not get a hold on it any longer remains a mystery to me, and probably will for some time to come.

So far, in pretty nasty conditions I do really well out to maybe 500 yards these days, but beyond that, the conditions have to be better and better real darn fast or my level of consistancy is still far to low to say I'm doing anything but learning more from my successes and mistakes. In reasonably good predictable conditions 800 yards is in my pocket, steady and relatively calm I'm doing well at 1000 for first round hits but still need more practice this year to feel more comfortable that far yet.

I had those good conditions last night when I shot these 3 shot groups for drops at 1000 and 1500 yards. My ballistic program was pretty darn close out real far but up closer I was hitting too high.


That is some good shooting.

This is what happens when the wind blowing and switching in Ohio 2 weeks ago the 4 that are together are just over 12" the group is 44.938 with a score of 43. This was the almost a mile shoot in Ohio 1680 yards.

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