Long range scope base question


Jul 15, 2003
Who makes and where can I buy a tapered scope base for a Mark V Weatherby in 30-378 cal? Already have a Leupold Vari-XIII 6.5-20x50 side focus L.R. 3/4 mil dot scope and have ordered extra high 30mm Signature Zee rings. I have a Baer base on my Rem 7mm/300 Wby but don't know if the same base will fit the Weatherby rifle. As a side note I'm leaving Thur for Cammeron Co Pa with hopes to shoot my first deer at long range with the 7mm/300. Thanks in advance for any help.
99.999% sure the Baer bases on the 700 long will work on the Wby Mk V. I had a wby mk V some time ago (accumark) in 30-378 w/Baer 20MOA taperd bases (2 peice) and to this day I use those same bases on my rem 700 and have used them on 2 different 700's. When I bought them the dealer told me the bases were the same for both actions but that one or the other needed shorter screws, otherwise you could damage something?? I dont know for sure if a 1 peice will fit due to length and such, but know for sure the 2 peice fits both actions perfect and am pretty sure the 700 long 1 peice will also work for mk v long. Hope that helps.

PS. I also know for sure that the baer bases disscussed here in this message will NOT work on any mk v that is the "light weight" or "super varmint master" versions. The front of the action is smaller.

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Michael, thanks for the reply. I'll order the two piece base from Brunos today and hopefully have everything set up for testing by the first of the year. Happy holidays! Chris, thank you also for the info. I'll use the baer bases because they are somewhat less pricy. Will be in your neck of the woods (Cordova) for Christmas seeing my 8 month grand daughter and enjoying her first Christmas. There is also the possibility I'll get a chance to do some duck hunting. Happy holidays!
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