Let's see your Varmint rifles !


Feb 19, 2020
My new (actually well used but new for me) CZ527 Laminated Varmint in .223Rem with Boyds At-one stock, 1/12'' twist barrel shortened to 20", with a Jaki suppressor and Meopta 4-16x44 Mil-Dot. I hope I can get it shoot nicely enough to bust raccoon dogs at distances up to 300 meters, need to develop a load for 53gr V-max.


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Aug 27, 2018
Howdy !

Here are pics of my varmint/target rifle, shown w/o scope mounted ( for easier detail viewing )

Stock is a heavy side wall extruded aluminum "I" beam, oriented as an "H".

Barrel clamp is doubled-up " plumbing clamp " plates. Carriage bolts combined w/ bottom plates borrowed from "U-bolts; and nylon insert lock nuts. 24" lb torque.

Stock for end and butt pieces are made from 5/4 composite deck board. The composite cheek rest piece is also removable, for ease in cleaning from the breech. I used drywall screws as attaching hardware, and some TRV in the central valley of the beam. No butt pad.

Trigger guard is a galvanized conduit hanger, flattened out to an "L" shape.
Trigger/ trigger hanger are replaceable via access from the underneath side of the stock.

Action = Wichita WBR1375 single shot ( s/n 15 ).

Barrel = Broughton 29" SS 1-8 5-"C" rifled 6mm Palma, chambered in my "DEEP 6 " wildcat.
DEEP 6 chamber is cut by running a 6mm Remington reamer in "short", for a nominal .466" base diam.
7 X 64 Brenneke is the parent brass, as it has the required .466" base diam I need.
7 X 64 is .308 bolt face compatible rimless, and I use Norma brass ( LR primed ).
DEEP 6 case capacity = 51.2gr H20 . It has the same long VLD-friendly neck that the 6mm Rem has.

I put a slot in the beam for the recoil lug, but really didn't need to, as recoil forces are comparatively low; thanx to rifle all-up weight.

The barrel clamp is re-locatable, and helped me tune out undesired verticle. I only had the adjust the clamp 1/2" fwd from flush against the recoil lug, to where good groups became possible.

I typically use Sierra 95 "T-Mk" or Berger 95VLD for groundhog, and for target work.
RL-22 has shot very well, and I'm doing range work these days w/ the Sierra 95 over RL-23 and RL-26 charges.

Scope right now, is a 2X-boosted T-36, mounted w/ Ken Ferrel 20mao base and rings.

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Sep 20, 2019
700 .223 done up by AWC in the 90s. SWFA 3-15 to keep it retro looking

Desert Tech in .223, .308 or 6.5 cm. Nightforce 4-16. Now has a Vudu 5-25


AIAX 6.5cm or .308. NF 4-16 atacr

Seekins 18” 223 with NF 2.5-20

700 with SAC 6.5cm barrel and NF2.5-20


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Jan 4, 2004
Western Colorado
My Cooper model 22 with a prairie dog taken at 1127 yards. I have an 8 twist barrel on it shooting 75 grain Hornady eld-X's. Second is a custom .270 WSM with a marmot at 701 yards. Shooting 140 grain Berger HVLD's this rifle was deadly.


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