Labradar vs magnetospeed v3

Labradar or magnetospeed

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Aug 2, 2020
North Texas
I have both
Both have good attributes and both have bad attributes that are well documented. There are workarounds for the problems both units possess.
I bought the MS first and a Wise Precision standoff. The standoff failed at a critical time resulting in a second sensor bullet ding. Now I own a worthless bayonet and a new bayonet
I bought a Labradar while waiting on the new bayonet.Then an sd card. Then a mini tripod. Then a recoil sensor. Then an aiming device. Then an extra battery.
My biggest issue is the Labradar can’t measure over 3900f/s
I still need the MS to chronograph my 204Ruger and 22-250Rem
All said and done my vote is for the MS due to cost and it’s ability to measure higher velocities


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Nov 20, 2013
I've had all three types and still have my Magneto speed and Labradar. Since getting the Labradar and buying a Piet recoil trigger the Magnetospeed sits in it's case.

The Magneto works just fine but it's a pain to swap between rifles and absolutely affects group sizes when attached and has a small affect on POI whether mounted to a suppressor or directly on the barrel. It's a good and reliable chrono but I could only use it for velo testing as group sizes and/or POI were affected.

I have an indoor range 1 mile from me and I occasionally go there for convenience and to shoot a ladder or fireform brass. I can't use my Labradar there because space is an issue. I take my Magneto those times.